Sunday, September 28, 2008

You won't be there.

Woah, And I thought I had issues :( I guess some people have more issues than me. Oh well. Really, Boyfriend Stealer.. the unnumbered and number 2, is that really how you guys wanna be known? haha. I mean, I'm sorry. I didn't know that the fact that my short hair doesn't suit my face upsets you guys so much! :( Wait, did I type guyS? I meant guy as in singular since both boyfriend stealer and boyfriend stealer no.2 are the exact same people! haha. I mean, should be right? Since you guys have the same IP address. mmm

I guess I am pretty lucky to have friends! :) They're brilliant people even if you think they suck. You probably don't know them as well as I do. You should totally try to get to know them. They really don't suck :)

And I have no idea what you're reading cause I don't I've ever mentioned that I look "cool" with short hair. HAHA. I have a feeling you're hallucinating? Won't be surprised there. I mean, who in the world gets upset when someone they hate happens to have a haircut that doesn't suit their face. You're a very interesting person :)

In response to:

boyfriend stealer no.2
you thnk u and ur short hair so cool? DAMNN. messed up girl..
28 Sep 08 13:05

boyfriend stealer
i hate the way u act, i hate the way're lucky that you even have friends.but you'r friends suck too!like really really suck.oh forgot to tell you this, YOU'RE HAIR SUCKS.IT DOESNT SUIT UR
28 Sep 08 13:06

boyfriend stealer
28 Sep 08 13:06


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