Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Darl'n..

This is my confession to the crimes of wanting you badly.
And darling,
If you're wondering..
Here's your answer.
Yes, I like you.
I don't love you..
I can't love you..

EEE! I love love love!! the song, Between the trees - Darl'n. The lyrics are just wonderful :) I love lyrics full of meanings. Or lyrics that makes sense to me because its what I'm currently feeling or have felt.

School was cancelled today because there still no electricity. And, Gadong is power-ed out. Bandar is fine though. I'm not sure bout Kuilap. This no-electricity business is bullshit. I was looking forward to going to school today! I had my outfit planned out, halfway through my nice sweet breakfast I receive a call from Jenny baby telling me school was cancelled. WHATTHEEFF. I was really looking forward to school :( I was planning to do so many things! Grr. SO angry.

So, since i was awake early, i finished off 90210 and Privileged. EURGH. the more I watch privileged, the more i want to kill Megan. Or slap her silly and steal Will away from her. Because, Will is such a hearthrob. HAHA but seriously. Megan is SO annoying. 90210 is better. I don't like Annie. But I think Silver is absolutely gorgeous especially since she's brunetter with super pretty blue (i think) eyes. So pretty :) Gossip Girl, I have to admit.. Blair was being a little too much this episode... but War is coming! exciting :D haha. And i LOVED Serena's dress at the opera! The yellow one? goodness, simply gorgeous.

SHIM ; HAH! I finished my CAS diary already and passed up already. So i'm free from that shit :D HEHE
BEN ; aiyo. how you know? :P
NAT; yeah, lucky you. :( hahaha

Had dimsum this morning at Lucky with the mother. Not that great anymore. Like,we had to send all our food back because they were all cold. -.- Annoying that. But the pandan pao was good.

I can go on more. Because I'm feeling extremely bothered and short-tempered. But I shan't. I am going to wallow in self-depression. And try finish some things because I'm flying tomorrow! Tomorrow!!! Time passes by so fast. I better pack everything quick. I am so lazy to think about what I need to bring. Eurgh. Talk about procrastination. And i bet there won't be school tomorrow again, which will be good because even if we did go to school, we won't be doing anything much tomorrow. And then I can't pack/go through everything before we leave. How i wish we were going off for more than 5 silly days. I wanna go for like 2 weeks or something. Screw school for the meantime. I'm so sick of it. :(

wow, from the beginning of this post. you can see how i change my moods oh-so-quickly. First, kinda happy about good songs, then gets angry about TV series (wow, talk about geekiness) and then angry about school and then about more school. Actually i think, if i ever go crazy and like jump off a building or like die. It might just be cause of school. and other little trivial matters that really do not matter but I always make them matter. And then i beat myself up over stupid little things that REALLY DO NOT MATTER. they don't matter amelia, they don't matter. fek. if they don't matter then why the hell do i care? T_T

before I leave, on a much much much lesser depressing note.

Hope you're having a wonderful day in Melbourne (if I'm not mistaken) and best of lucks and happiness always! :)


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