Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I could get lost in a voice like yours.

JAY: YES! I will watch it as soon as this damned exams are over :D
NAJ ; that is why you are so skinny, while I on the other hand.............
ALEx ; um, yes alex. hahahaha
KEN ; just admit it, i'm the best ^_^V HAHA

The new gadget :D

... right.

What did I do today? or rather.. what did I have today?
  • Breakfast: Toast, butter, two eggs, 2 pancakes DRENCHED in syrup and roasted tomatoes.
  • Lunch: 4 sesame balls the size of tennis balls filled with lotus paste and 1 slice of butter cake.
  • Tea-Time: Plate of rojak + tons of cincau and sugar.
  • Dinner: not yet, but I'm guessing Assam Fish curry, fried egg and veges and rice.
I am screwed for prom :D HAHA

On the other hand, I also watched Dogma twice again today. Its going to be one of my favourite movies! :D



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