Sunday, June 21, 2009

After all,

is this how it ends?
Is this how much everything is worth?


DENISE ; well, I didn't get to name Scamp. But I'm pretty sure the person who gave him the name got it from Lady and the Tramp 2 :)
ERIC ; smelly *heart* its okay. Soon soon......
ALEX ; thank you for that uh.. clarification! :D
NAJEE ; yeap. a new dog :) ISN'T JUNPYO THE LOVE?!!! And i prefer Jandi. She gets less annoying as the movie progresses what. Haha
MANDA ; Are you serious?! HAHA I had no idea T_T
JIM ; it means, to a naughty youngster. Its pretty bad I guess. He lives up to his name tho. SO freaking mischiveous and hyperactive T_T
JAYY ; Sure you can :D heheheee

Hello wello people :)

One of my biggest wish is to actually travel/backpack around the world. I want to just take a couple of years off, and just travel around the world. See everything, try everything and then settle down and have a nice quiet life. It *would* be very exciting yes? :)

I'm feeling very ... unexplainable at the moment. I'm not happy, I'm not sad. I'm not disgusted, I'm not angry.... I'm more like, annoyed at the stubborness of human nature. Why are we so stubborn? Why are *you* so stubborn? Or, me for that matter. Why is it so difficult to admit defeat, or that we're wrong? I hate that some people constantly think they are always right, like.. they can't see certain stuff from other point of views. Its always, " Oh, I'm right." All. the. freaking. time. It gets annoying and so very frustrating. And I know, we can't help it, or *you* can't help it because we're not perfect. Because we're human. But meh. I don't want to change because I choose to not want to change. We all have a choice.

No subliminal hidden messages there. Just wanted to get some stuff out of my head. Like, its been bugging me a little/a lot. Had a pretty embarassingly emotional session with the cousin, saturday night. Its good to get things out of my head I suppose :) thank you mei *heart*

Been playing around with polyvore a little. It makes me so depressed cause it reminds me how inadequately stocked I am in terms of wadrobe supplies. T.T I need shopping. Or a body that'll fit anything and look gorgeous ;p HAHA. Maybe more shopping. EURGH. WHY BRUNEI.

Scamp has been keeping me busy, because he is as needy as a little child. And running around the house constantly and biting every single thing he sees. Its adorable when you see him dragging around a slipper or a towel or like,.. his feeding bowl. :) Its hard to get angry at a face like that.

Oh okay, need to go now. The boyfriend ♥just called.


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