Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember to let her into your heart.

DAPHNE; Hello! :) yes, it has been a while! Yeap. My favourite song from her is Like A Song.
CHRISTOPHER ; HAHA. What! There's plenty of pictures of you in my blog!
MANDA ; adakan?!!! Which dress??? haha
NAJ ; HAHA. Awu ;p And what else were you expecting?! Of course there's good pictures of you :D haha

Hello :) How have you guys been doing? I've been having a pretty awesome couple of days.

And if you have been following me on Twitta you would have heard/seen that there's been a recent addition to my family! Eversince Daisy (*heart*) left us for a better place, we've been searching for a another individual to keep Melody company and to bring more joy to our hearts (HAHA CLICHE THIS) but srsly, its been difficult looking for a new individual :) So here's the newest addition: An American Cocker Spanial called Scamp. The cutest MOST hyperactive dog ever! its like having a toddler who just learnt how to walk. Or something like that :P

(yes, yes. Big Harry Potter fan here okay.)

And apart from that, had sushi with relatives for lunch. It was awesomt tawsome :) Sushi = love. Crispy Salmon Skin = extra exta HEAPS of LOVE. Seriously. *serious face* When you guys head down to Excapade, you HAVE to order the crispy salmon skin. it is SO AWESOME. I could have it EVERY single HOUR of every single day and I wouldn't get bored. It is the awesome.

Oooh, had another one of my freaky dreams last night. :0 Like, seriously freaky. HAHA It involved a couple of people and one of em was working in Hua hO. Wtf. But yes. Weird dream.

OH the aunty has brought back a couple of pineapples all the way from KK for me! SO super duper saccharine sweet! Like, its as if I'm biting into a bar of shugar. Love it love it love it. Thats another item that I could have every single hour of every single day and not get bored T_T I think I could survive on Sweet Pineapples and Crispy Salmon Skin 4eva. HAHA Dayum.

Okay. DINDIN :)


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