Monday, June 15, 2009

My saving grace.

DENNIS; HAHA only you would think its sexy. pfft and and I want a teddy-like puppy *big watery eyes* HEHE
CHLOE ; I don't think there can ever be a perverted picture that means well... hahahahahah and yes :( more photos please. Not now cause I am chubby whubby. HAHA rawr.
NAT ; and boys too :) u should try it some time.
ALEX : wtf -_-" haha and i really like Xiaxue! She's so cool T_T hahaha
JAYY ; HAHA pokeybear *shudders* Srsly. :p
DIANA ; HAHAHA omygosh. you make me sound so eeeEEeeeviL~ ;p


Been on a misson of teddifying myself (As Dennis puts it) and have now successfully put on about 5 kilos :D HEHE. in about a week. Its all down to ruthless eating yo. Sushi, ice-cream, cakes!, pancakes, OODLES OF NOODLES, RICE. BRING ON THE RICE :D and dimsum. Pastries, cream. MmmMm. Yeah. Anyway, the mothers keeps criticising me and my fatness now :) its been a while mother. Its been a while. It feels good tho. Very very good *weird eyebrow movement* albeit not being able to fit into certain apparels now. bleh hehehehee

Apart from the whole excess baggage thing. Heading down to Miri today because Hazel, the cousin is heading back to KL thru Miri. So.. even better right? cause they've got lots of random things to eat. HURHUR. and I want to like, get some stuff. *some* being the keyword.

I had a really shitty dream last night, like. REALLY REALLY SHITTY. and you ALL were in it! And when I mean you all.. I mean the IB people lah. You see. we were having a countdown to 8.30pm on a sunday night.... which means yes. we were waiting for our results and Adib was being really impatient. HAHA I went to the loo, came out and Adam was distributing the results. BUT he wouldn't give me mine!! Then I woke up. WTF IS THIS A SIGN?! Dayum. 3 more weeks people. I am as nervous as a ginger ball of possum can be.

Anyway, having Hazel over has been a blast! Lots of random conversations, all the glorious food and it feels good to be proud of Brunei sometimes :) And, she pointed out a ton of things that Brunei has and Malaysia didn't/doesn't and me and the mother was like " :0 WHAT NO WAY!" but apparently, yes way. Haha thanks to god ( mr Altaf's way) for coke lime, jacob cracks and that yummy gavotte thingamajigys. HEHE and a bunch of other things :)

Yeye. Feeling super duper hyper. But I SHALL GO NOW. because I need to shower and wake the brother up in advance cause y'know.. boys~ HAHAHHA


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