Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Superman to Japan and say Arigato.

I've never tried it, but you can and tell me if its true :)
My title is from the song {1st Class Girl - Drew Seeley and Michael Paulk} and that specific sentence is SO distinctive. I think its the way Michael dude says it. Pretty sexy, if you now what I mean ;) HAHA actually, no. I don't think you do :P

Anyhoo, whats up with you guys?! :) I AM ON A MISSION! :D and if its all succesful, I'll post pictures up altho it might be a couple of months. Also.. I will be pretty anti-social in these coming months because I don't think you guys will want to see me much. HAHA Actually, i think this mission is pretty risky and altho I have started today (YES! HEADSTART YO) I might actually think twice about it. Kalowee supports me. Dennis is uh... (-_-) I think. and Becky thinks its pointless. HAHAHAHA Need to convey to Zay and we'll see how the points tally up ;)

Also, I love apple crumbles. Especially the crumbly part all buttery and soft and DID I MENTiON? My mom is cooking scallops for dinner with garlic and wine and butter and yum* HEHE

Apart from that, I have a shitload of movies I want to catch on the big screens! So many to watch! So little time! I just can't wait to get my damned license (Another month me thinks *sadface*) so I don't have to rely on people to send me around which means I won't have to look at peoples faces and be nice all the time. Grr. I digress. I was saying, the shitload of movies... 17 again! , Monsters vs Aliens! , HARRY POTTER.

OH MY GOSH. HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. HAVE you guys watched the freaking trailer?! ?! I was this close |-| to tears while watching the trailer. I CANNOT WAIT FOR IT T_T Seriously. Altho what is up with all those lip action man. Ron Weasley still my man yo. BUT. dayum. the trailer looks SO freaking cool. zzz better than the sequel to lousy twilight : new moon. Have you guys seen *that* trailer? RUBBISH! And wtf, when jacob turns into the WOLF. SO freaking computerised. Although, he did have a pretty nice body. haha. Robert Pattison still looks freaky. HAHA

Also.... in other completely irrelevant to HARRY P and new moon news, Have you guys been watching up on Kevjumba? *heart* HEHE. He has that whole new channel : jumbafund going and yeah. Awesome that. He's SO adorable :)

YEAH. Right, I'm gonna go prepare for dinner/ have some.. appetizers first. HAHA


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