Sunday, January 3, 2010

Part of the list.

Here's a new layout for the new year. Probably will be up for the most of the time. I am absolutely inlove with the whole paragraph of words... it's so sad yet it makes so much sense.

When will people stop leaving?

Anyway, as some might notice I have taken down my links and was going to take down my archives as well but then I remembered I do enjoy reading my older posts, reminiscing and stuff :P Does anybody know how I can make it smaller? like a drop down list where I can click on the different months/years or something? So messy with so many months and years to choose from.

My apologies to anyone who wants to be linked up. I've decided not to have anymore links or anything. For no apparent reason, just because.

I have a feeling 2010 will be a pretty decent year.

Leaving Brunei in 6 days! :)

lots of love,
Amelia x x x

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