Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Would you fall apart if I never came back?

Was thinking about my resolutions for 2010 while in bed last night. So I'm going to list them down although we know I'm not gonna be resolving (?!) half of it.

here goes ..

In 2010, I am going:

1) To lose at least 10 - 15 kilos.
2) Make an effort to dress up and look nice.
3) Less procrastination/ or to be less lazy and devote more time to the books.
4) No more clothes shopping (Until all 10 - 15kgs has been lost)
5) Find a part-time job.
6) to attempt to go to all my lectures even if it's pouring rain or freezing cold.
7) to make it last.
8) To be less bitchy (HAHA REALLY)
9) to have fun.
10) Be less angry/sensitive.

There's probably more that I should be typing down but can't think about any more at the moment so this will do.

ONE THING I am definitely looking forward to back in Aberdeen.


I ABHOR/HATE/DETEST/HATEHATEHATE the heat. I hate it with a passion SO large you wouldn't believe it.

I also hate it when people say they're gonna do something and I am happy/excited and then they turn around at the very last minute and say they don't wanna anymore.

How bitchy is that?



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