Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sexyyyyy love

Hello! :) I've been having lovely days feeling loved to the max (irony haha!) and everything! in other words, things have been good. I am back in Aberdeen and it has been good! :) The flight over here was extremely smooth, I had an empty seat next to me and I managed to sleep a good 5 hours on the plane over to London. :D Upon reaching London and with 2 hours to my next flight, discovered Coach having sales and bought the wristlet I've been eying for MONTHS. I am tres happy about it :) :)

Even the whole moving back into my dorms were good :) Alice arrived a good two hours after I arrived so it mad even more sense :D more fun :D lots of laughing even if I was jet-lagged as hell. M told me he was gonna come back on Sunday (I arrived on Satuday) but he came back at like 11pm and I was fast asleep but I heard him talking outside with Jesus and like he was gonna surprise me and all and yes :) :) ALL is GOOD. HEHEHE

Exams time in like 3 days but yeah, I am pretty up for it! 3 papers in two weeks. I'll be done soon enough. Really pleased with my Economics essay tho, managed a 15/20 for it considering I did a month-long essay in about 6ish hours? Yeahhhhhh boi. HAHA :) Good times.

I miss tons of people of course but I guess it is really just two different lives, one in Aberdeen and one in Brunei. Its just the different things that I have missed but it's both allll good tho.

It's absolutely FREEZING here and like I have to wear socks and scarves in my room to keep myself warm (altho I suspect my heater is a little wonky cause M's room is always SO goatamneeedd warm I am jealous) but it's all good y'know. Alll good.

The guy below me is singing very very loudly to a The Script song. It is quite entertaining. He does this almost everyday at about 2ish. -_-

Watched UP with M last night! Super cuteness I could die. Also watched Year One with him the other night. SO FUNNY! HAHA Jack Black and Michael Cera = LOVE! Really. Watch it :) super duper adorable.

I need to take pictures pronto and post em up!

Amelia X X X

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