Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffanys

My perfect breakfast would consist of two fried eggs with bursty yolks, the kind that is gooey and when put on a piece of toast, and you bite the middle it dribbles down your fingers and everything. And then you get to soak up all the left over yolk on your plate with the last piece of toast, or corner that is. Anyway, I digress :) So, it would consist two fried eggs, a lovely flavoursome vegetarian sausage. Such a sausage that it will blow. your. mind. away. Okay, not that exaggerated but really good ones you know? So far, I've had pretty cool, decent flavoured vegetarian sausages although I really do not mind a really good pork one. Or chicken for that matter... OR ONE WITH CHEESE OOZING OUT FROM THE MIDDLE T_T Besides the lovely eggs and sausages, I'd have a whole pool of mushrooms. Button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms... whatever. I just want to have at least quarter of the plate (and it's gonna be a big plate) filled with mushrooms, pan fried with garlic or butter or even better, both. In addition to these lovelies, I will have really really good toast. Maybe poppy seed toast or like really reallllly good bread/buns whatever. and super good butter. No vegetable spread crap like flora or whatever but pure pure butter. To compliment the perfect breakfast some more, there will be fresh jam out on the table.. maybe raspberry or blueberry and maybe some lemon curd.. and a lovely steaming pot of tea. Additional points for berry flavoured tea :)

And that my friends, would be my perfect breakfast.

Actually, it would make the perfect lunch and dinner and every meal.

I would ask you guys what your perfect breakfast would be, but I doubt I'd get feedback :P I'm thinking of reverting to a normal blogger template so the comments section would be available for people to drop their comments. :) Any comments bout this? (once again a very futile question)

Love love,


  1. My perfect breakfast, is one where I don't have to do jack and it's set out on the table before me. Hell yes.

  2. English breakfast makes my day! Especially when there will be someone serving me and all I have to do is eat yummmmm

  3. A bowl of cornflakes and 3 oreo cookies with milk, an apple a bananna and some OJ.

    But reading your post has made me hungry for some reason.