Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Having made a make shift den in the corner of my bed I have been sitting in the exact same spot for the past 4, nearing 5 hours. I confess the reason to not blogging, appearing online, tweeting, and not that anyone would notice these: catching up on tv series, stalking people on facebook and blogs as often. Thanks to Shevie (@ vieleong.blogspot.com, she writes beautifully you should read. I mean, it has to be she takes years to write a post ;p) and her boy, I've now been hooked onto the magical world of WoW. I can already feel the heads of my close ones shaking their heads in dismay. It's not too bad, I've only been playing for the past week and a half, or less but I thoroughly enjoy it. There's something about the way these missions keep popping up and the crazy voice in my head telling me I have to finish it fast fast fast. Or the way I keep looking for nicer clothes so my character's all pretty and lovely. Sue me, I'm a girl! haha :D

Hence, I've been living a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. Thanks to exams being not more than 2 weeks away, there are no more lectures or tutorials anymore and so, I spend a lot of time, besides heading out for lunch or dinner and showering, I have been sitting my butt down for long period of times clicking furiously away at my mouse. So very uncool 8) I am glad to say that, I am quite sure my social life is not in the dumps yet :P Caught Robin Hood (which I thought was rather enjoyable) over the weekend with Cheryl after a hearty dinner at Nandos (of which I have grown rather fond of!!!!! We need one in Brunei! Gah) That aside, I have been scheduling lunches with different people so I do not turn entirely anti-social :P

Speaking of exams, I have 4 exams in 3 days. One of which I have both Economics and Business Law right after each other. That is heartburn right there. It's enough to make a grown teenage girl (who has not revised much) cry and scratch at the ground, pulling grass out of the ground etc. Apart from that, I have Management on the first day and Accounting (which I have quite a good feeling over) on the last which happens to be the 1st of June which also happens to be the day we (Julia and I) get to keys to our flat! Exciting, exciting :D Because she finished her exams on the 26th of May (lucky bitch) she gets to move first and while doing so, cleaning up the flat. So it's all good. I am beyond excited lah!!!!! Need to buy new bedsheets, I'm getting a double bed!

This Sunday (23rd) will mark Max's and I half year running in this relationship :) and I am happy happy happy. 6 months might not be a big deal to a bunch of you, but it does mean quite a bit to me (more that a bit, like a lot more than a bit) and I am delirious :D I can now tell my mom to "suck on that". It does suck a little that Max has paper son the 24th so we probably won't be able to celebrate it in a more formal (?!) matter. Hmm. We'll see. :) :) :)

I miss my best friends so much, I can't wait to see them in about a month. I actually can't wait to talk to them just to catch up so REBECCA and CHLOE, gimme a time and date and I'll wait on skype!

I also miss my dogs: Scamp and Melody but there's no way they get to call me so I shall just wait patiently.

I realised I'm gonna do my Berlin post when I'm back in Brunei with nothing better to do.

Isn't frivolous such a pretty word? :D


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