Friday, October 1, 2010

About time that I get my way.

Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass. Chuck T. Falcon
Hello :) Well, today is day 7. It's been a week and honestly (and lots of people have told me) I am doing so very well. Today was the last day that I bring Max up in conversations and reminisce about all the good times we've had. No, they will not be forgotten. But, they will most definitely not be brought up. I am a free, single lady (woman/girl/same thing lah, hehe) and I will act as so.

I am rather proud about how I have pulled myself through this break-up. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I didn't have as many bad days as I thought I would. In reality, a break-up isn't all that bad. It's just something that will eventually pass as my heart starts to heal again. Laughing with friends or when I'm watching a funny movie or skyping with people that I truly love has all been a blessing that's been slowly patching up my heart. It's definitely not ready yet, not even 20% but, so far so good. And with this sort of beginning, it can only get better. Right? =]

So, tomorrow will be October already! How very quick!!! I am planning on a few different changes in my life starting tomorrow.
  1. To record all expenses, whether cash or credit and keep to a budget of at maximum £400 a month.
  2. Not buy any more apparels unless they are reallly realllllllly needed (like a chunky knit cardi/pullover)- okay maybe not. No more useless reasons or buys for that matter. (I do not need a whole box of body shampoo or lotion for that matter.. or make-up or anything that I do not really use. And no, I do not need another tee-shirt in my wardrobe. Or shoes. Or bags for that matter!!)
  3. Not eat out as much (this is quite difficult because I already have lunches planned for the weekend!! Vietnamese first and then some sort of fusion-ish restaurant! hehe). And when I do, try not to spend over £10 for meals. 
  4. Get my ass moving! No bus (unless raining too heavy or in a very big rush - that said, must always plan ahead and be on time!!). Start going to sports religiously: Swimming (get the month long membership sorted out tomorrow), Tennis (look up coaching), Dancing (attend lessons and be serious about it) and Badminton (look up joining and coaching). 
  5. Stay dedicated to working on my subjects.
I really hope to keep to my "promises" to myself. After all, the one who truly benefits from all this is me myself and I right? Zzz I just need the determination, I know I can do it!!!!! (haha! confident much?????)

Today has been such a great lovely brilliant day! The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, no other words to describe it but beautiful. It practically sums up the weather of today :) Checked out two societies that I signed up for and they both seem promising enough :) Met a lovely young lady called Allison and Shevie, Allison and I had sushi after both societies. So much lovely banter and talking. I love it! :)

It's been a long lovely day and I'm retiring to bed with a smile on my face, it's been a while.

Amelia :)

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