Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black and Gold

'If you're brave to say "good bye", life will reward you with a new "hello".' - Paulo Coelho
Hello wello people, technically it's already the second day of October since it's past midnight but this post is obviously going to be for the 1st of October. How did today go for everyone? Apart from the horrid weather here in lovely Aberdeen.. it's been a great positive start to a lovely month! The weather was awful though, heavy rain and strong wind for most of the day until nearly 2300?! Depressing weather but not enough to get me down! (^_^)

Started the day early! Because for some unknown reason my body clock still has not adjusted to the UK time yet and therefore I am still awake at 7am every bloody morning. Some days are better, I wake up at like 7.30am and it's so unfortunate that when I do have the slightest chance of staying asleep longer my flatmate has classes at 9 and so she is awake early. The walls in my flat is so so so thin, I hear everything. So go walls!

Spent part of my morning swimming which surprisingly went really really well :) Managed to spend 50minutes in the pool! Amazing or whut! Especially for someone with the stamina of a cow.. pretty impressive for the first time in like eons of months ;) Anyway, I'll have to go tomorrow again because tonight I spent it at Sinda's and we indulged ourself in everything fattening and heart-artery-clogging worthy. Read: Pizza with dip (a large one mind you), MnMs (peanut *love*), chocolate ministrels, new york vanilla cheesecake (which was absolutely delish and rich in flavour! Yums), danish pastries (with custard and vanilla flavoured stuff) and cookies (white choco)! It's crazy. Two girls finished all of these while watching PS I love you. It was a good night though, and guess what? She lives just opposite my block!!! Found out yesterday! Brilliant :D hehe

I am now a little hyper thanks to all the sugar and sugar in my blood at the moment but I am very sure it'll pass soon enough. I did not get enough sleep last night sooooo I hope sleep works out for me tonight. I am looking forward to swimming tomorrow, lunch with the girlies, catching the international food fair (MY FAVOURITE !!!!) and might be joining Sinda out at night. So, sounds good huh? :) 

I feel like I'm in a good place right now. Unfortunately I realised I've run out of body shower gel/wash so I need to get some tomorrow as well as my Clinique moisturizer so that means I'll need to buy some tomorrow!!! (nooooo so much money gone already zz) And after seeing Sinda's room and her bed looks sooooo cosy with multiple pillows, I am reallllly tempted to fill my bed with nice pillows and cushions!! But that's gonna cost me truckloads again (and no, I don't wanna settle for something from Morrisons or Asda or Primark for that matter- if I'm gonna buy pillows I want them to be super duper :P) 

I am also looking for century eggs so I can make pei tan chok (century egg porridge preferably with salted eggs and minced meat as well) But I don't know where on earth to find some. Sad times :P

I need to sleep cause I am pretty sure I am gonna wake up at some ungodly hour of 7am tomorrow morning with a rumbling tummy.


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