Monday, September 27, 2010

Need to break away.

A wise friend told me; (in this sort of way, I have really bad memory so I can't exactly remember the exact words)

"It was obvious from the start, it wasn't going to work out. I mean, you guys didn't even plan a future together, did you guys have plans for after university? So, there wasn't really any point to the long distance anyway. That's why I never see the point of a serious relationship while studying. I mean, sure, you could use the company. But that's it, that's all you'll want and need: Company. Distance isn't going to be any use if that's what you really need. You'll want someone to be with you, to walk home with you, to eat with you, to talk with you, to sleep with you. Keep it light, don't be too serious. Have fun. :)"

And I have to thoroughly agree with her :) She's the third person so far to tell me that it wasn't meant to last ever since we knew it was going to be long distance. All these people are opening my eyes wide open. It's sort of a good thing actually, a blessing maybe?

I guess the whole thing ,"Don't cry because it's over.. smile because it happened" thing really does make sense here. I should be happy because I have had the opportunity to create so many memories that are happy and while they might be bittersweet, they are lovely memories. I am lucky that it didn't end badly as well, so that's something to be thankful about.

The problem is I always fall in too deep. I always get too serious. I will need to learn. So much more needed to be installed into my brain and personality. I will keep things light, have fun and not be too serious for the next guy. Do everything in moderation.. that would be the right thing to do.

Tonight, was fun :) So much laughs with Shevie and Jin. Food was great as well (^_^) First day of university (well of my second year) tomorrow! I am quite excited although 3 months proves to be enough for my horrible memory/brain capacity to forget where all the buildings are. So, I hope I find the right buildings. I am also fretting about what to wear! It's like I don't have anything appropriate to wear for the first day (I know. Complete and utter rubbish!) but I guess I'll have to decide tomorrow.

Good night everyone.


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