Thursday, September 2, 2010

Normal People.

"I ain't worried. I've never been so not worried. Cause this is what normal people do Sam. They fall in love, then make each other laugh, then move in together, then raise kids. They fight over money, they get old and fat together and it's normal. It's happening to me. I can't believe it."

- Terry Bellefleur, True Blood Season 3 Episode 5
When I heard him say that in True Blood, I had to blog! I love Terry Bellefleur, he is so sweet and cute and sometimes scary, like a teddy bear!!! I would love to do a whole long ass True Blood post including favourite characters and scenes and quotes but I shan't. Not yet anyway, maybe when I'm done with Season 3.

Been watching True Blood for a bit today because I have missed that bunch of episodes now T_T All the characters and everything. Dayum. I have decided that I truly wanna be a vampire and marry Eric Northman. I will somehow get into the clutches of Eric Northman and have 'passionate primal sex' with him. HAHAHAHAHA (it's a quote from the series) But he is so godamned fine!!!! Especially when he starts speaking swedish..... I swoon ALL THE TIME. So bloody sexy!!! Yes, I know Eric Northman is totally fictional. The actor's name is Alexander SkarsgÄrd. But his character is SO SEXY. It totally oozes with sex appeal and man appeal and all sorts of appeal. Fuck I love his character T_T

(Yah, you can totally see who my favourite character is.)

But more on that another time.

Had a lovely time with the mother over lunch at Kaizen, where we both agree still has the best Japanese food in town (ANGEL YOU have to get your ass down there and eat!). I am eating my heart out for the last 2 weeks that I am here! Can you imagine, no Kolo mee or wa tan ho or dimsum for a whole year?! The thought of it is suffocating me as I type. But, alas! Life goes on in all sorts of ways. I told me mom,"I'm gonna eat a lot these two weeks then I'll starve myself for the first week back in UK." and she replied, " That sounds just about right." HAHAHAHA I'm pretty sure she's joking ;p

I don't understand the concept of Paranoia and why would anyone give us an emotion such as that. It is torturing and evil. I hate it. Makes me :( all the time I get paranoid. SUCKS ASS.



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