Friday, September 24, 2010


I really believed we had it right. That there was truth in everything that you said and that when you told me it'll be alright, it will be alright.

I had plans for us, I had so many more things I wanted to do with you.

Yesterday, on the 23rd of September 2010, Max and I officially broke up. The words all seem so foreign to me, I can't even say it out loud. 10 months might have been a short time for some of you, but it is very important to me, these 10 months. In this 10 months, he had managed to break down every wall I had in me, he had managed to have gotten into the very core of me so much that he has been such a big thing in my life everyday. First and last thing on my mind every single day. He was pretty much my everything.

So you'll get it when I say that I am honestly and wholeheartedly heartbroken at the moment. It'll take me a while (a long while) to come to terms with this. That he will never ever be mine and when he is back in Scotland, I won't be there to welcome him in my open arms. I will never be able to wake up to his face again or hear him call me baby ever again. I hate that all I can imagine is that he'll find someone new and he will forget all about me, because that is probably what is going to happen. Some other girl will take my place and he will love them more than he had me.

I hate this situation, it is so unfair on my behalf. Why does he get to decide what happens between us just like that? The world is full so much wrong, more reasons to why I really detest living sometimes. There is just no point in doing anything. Anything.


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  1. I love you Amelia. <3 hugs. you will be fine.