Monday, November 1, 2010

To an island where we'll meet.

"I mean I just think, I'll always be funky. Can't stop being funky, but I guess we just deal with it how it comes, deal with the humps, take the jumps, I feel like you're an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea." - Jason Mraz's Details In The Fabric.
When I heard the above typed lyrics on my speakers I knew I had to blog :)  It's been a while, I've not found any quotes worthy for a post. Also, because I have been extremely busy with my life. I'm not complaining, it's been good. This weekend has got to be the least busiest. I've actually had time to myself to laze at home under my warm comfy covers all afternoon long, which is some way is extremely comforting but spending the morning and afternoon under the same covers gives me a bad headache as well. Thank goodness for dinners and night outs so it isn't all that bad.

So what have I been doing exactly? To put it short, I really have just been out. Out eating, out shopping, out traveling, out laughing and having a good time. It's been a real good past 3 weeks and I can only hope for more good weeks like such. It's such a good feeling, waking up and knowing what is going to go on that day. I've been spending nearly all my days with Allisan :) I feel so blessed that I met her this year for so many uncountable reasons. It's truly something special meeting someone you can click with so thoroughly.

In the next few weeks, I've got Christopher coming to visit for the weekend (so excited about it!) and then Brussels, Belgium! How exciting is that going to be? I'm so so so excited and giddy with nervousness. 4 girls conquering Brussels? I think so ;) 

I'm so exhausted, I haven't been getting the rest I totally deserve this weekend, I should sleep in early tonight. I've got 2 essays to finish in the next 3 weeks and a class test on Wednesday that I am absolutely unprepared for. Boo! But tis is life. Can't be all fun and no boring stuff so woe is me.

I'll blog again soon, I'm so sorry I've ditched you for a while.


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