Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marching On

Speak when you are angry—and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret. — Laurence J. Peter

The QOTD is about one of the truest thing I've ever read. These days, I'm trying not to speak while I'm angry. Instead I keep it in and I will answer quietly, talking very little. Let the anger subside and then talk. That way, it'll be more calmer and less angry. In so many ways, I'm glad with how I'm turning out for the mean time. Sure, I can be the bitchiest bitch ever but really, what's Amelia without any essence of bitchy? Aha. :p

Anyway, I really wanna re-dye my hair! I did my hair fro a box nearly 2 months ago and the re-growth is showing!! While it isn't the most obvious thing in the world, and nobody but me notices it, it really eats at me and I hate it. I hate two colour tones in my hair! So gross. But, I'm not gonna go to a saloon and pay like £60 to get my hair dyed so I'm gonna wait for the lovely Alli to head back to Malaysia and get me a few boxes of colour for my hair. I want to get some red and some orange and some really light brown! Hurhur. I don't mean those obvious in your face red or orange of course, I mean like the more subtle kinds, like auburn and um.. honey..... yeah.


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  1. Babe, I'm loving the person you are growing to become. Hugs!