Monday, November 8, 2010

Hips don't lie.

So I sit in bed at 8.30 on a Sunday evening. Earliest I have ever been home in the past couple of weeks :) But it's freezing out there today, it's basically 4degrees, but it feels like -3 degrees because the wind is amazingly crazy. Like, it's not even fun wind. It's wind that chills you right to the very core and you feel like crawling into a ditch or any hole you can find and just stay there. Hibernate the entire winter away. That would be perfect.

 So, I am in bed with my scarf still wrapped around my neck and my new feather & down jacket, my tights still on and an extra jumper on as well and I'm still cold. Yes, the heater is on. Yes, I have a cup of hot tea right next to me. Does it help though? Not at all. It's amazing, I keep trying to figure out how I survived winter last year. Ah, .. of course.

Anyway, the weekend has been amazing as always :) Spent the weekend having extremely late lunches (after 3pm, all of em) and early dinners, watched a movie: Due Date which was hilarious! Spent Friday night getting completely wasted and having so much fun :) Had a little sleepover at Alli's for Saturday Night. She's got a comfier bed than me! I am jealous :p And today! Food excapades the entire way with Diana as well. It's been great. I've got 5 days to be serious about school work (i.e finish 2 essays due the next following week) because I'll we So so so busy for the next two weeks after. Christopher is visiting end of next week and the week after is the little getaway with the girlies which I am soooo looking forward to!

I am so blessed that my time is always filled with something to do.  Feels so good! And also, to add to more good news.. Mommy dearest is coming to visit mid December till a week after new years!!! :D I am sooooo happy about it, I can't wait till she lands down in Aberdeen. I miss her so much!


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