Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It was only just a dream.

Can't wait for Wednesday night! It may be snowing and a blasted -6 degrees out but I want to dress up and have my face filled with make-up and everything! Also, I have not felt like I can't stand up straight for a while now sooooo :P And there's just two more weeks till Christmas Holidays and no drinks for the next 4 weeks after that soooooo I really can't wait for Wednesday and Friday this week!

I've been sleeping so much! Which can be partially good since my eyebags are practically disappearing :D yay for good skin too. I hate that my face is particularly super duper oily though, such a pain!

I also blame the weather (snow and cold and frost) for my added laziness. All I wanna do is laze in bed, in the warmth of my room (thank you electric heater), under my double duvet with my laptop, a hot mug of tea, my cell phone and my iPod.  And that is exactly what I have been doing :0 mmm.

Tomorrow, tomorrow is another day.


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