Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you really wanna know what's next?

Just because I can and I was playing with make-up with Yuka this afternoon. I don't think make-up does anything for my face. Still look the same as always, I think. Or do you think different? 
I do know I have to do something about my eyebrows. They are a nightmare. FML lol 

Also trying to grow out my fringe-- and it's not working well. Argh, what to do about my fringe?! Suggestions?!!!! I don't wanna cut it again. Wanna keep it long for the mean time. But it's sooo annoying! Grr. 

And finished one paper today. 4 more to go! It wasn't too bad :) I'm feeling pretty good abt this one but the next one? (On thursday?) Yeah, pretty much screwed up for it. zzz

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  1. haha the photos looks so cute, my sis♡

  2. Hehe arigato! <3 <3 <3