Monday, May 23, 2011

Look at me now.

OKAY SERIOUSLY AMELIA. I'm so tired of me saying shit and not doing anything anyway. What kind of person am I? (Yeah, I know a procrastinator who talks too much shit) lol .

but I really wanna dress well. And since I'm like actually obese at the moment (according to the BMI calculator, and Allisan will vouch for me) I can't actually wear anything nice cause I need to buy new clothes. But Brunei. The hot weather, the healthy food. My MOM. Yup, I'll be losing weight back home. Hiking, half portion food, no sugar, no fast food. BOOMZ I will come back more slender and I WANNA DRESS WELL T^T. I will have a proper wardrobe (I am living out of a suitcase (or two) i am not kidding) where my clothes will be colour coordinated and  I can find everything and I WILL WEAR MY CLOTHES! Instead of just rotating around a few that is always on the surface of my luggage cause it's easy to just pick it up to wear instead of actually putting thought into my outfits.

Yup rambling. Cause this is what I do when I have to study for impending exams.

but that's just it. I want to dress up! omg even in winter. Even if I'm gonna be covered under a million layers of jackets. I WANT TO WEAR MY CLOTHES! Gah. So much and I wear so few.

Ok. Brunei will be a good weight loss place. I've done it before many times and I will do it again . !!!!!!!!

BTW Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes ft Lil'Wayne - Look at me now. IS UH-MA-ZING! I wanna memorise the whole blinkin' song so I can sing along to it while I'm driving. So far, I can do the first Chris Brown's part-- just till the first chorus. I WANNA RAP FAST OMG.

ok. enough.


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