Thursday, October 27, 2011

Right through me.

Oh my god, I did not know how long it takes to rearrange pictures on this blog.

Anyway, hello all! Hope the first half of the week has been treating all of ya'll nicely. The weather in Aberdeen yesterday was horrendous. I actually had to duck into nearby corners/ bus stops to breathe just because the wind was blowing so hard, I couldn't breathe in at all. It really was quite scary. Not the mention, I also experienced a slow-mo tidal wave by a bus on a puddle as well.. that was shit. Lucky I was on the way home and didn't have to stay in soaked jeans and jacket the whole day.

I've been contemplating buying some hardcore boots for the wet and the cold. I'm leaning towards Timberland though, only because we get to customise them boots and I've already gotten the exact pair that I would love. Chocolate brown with pink and red trimmings and a black and white base. I just have to find out how good exactly they are against the cold/wet and how the sizings are and voila! I will have my own customised pair of boots on their way to me in the matter on 2 - 3 weeks.

I really do have a bunch of pictures to put up and I will as soon as the weekend comes round. I've been so ridiculously busy with Uni work and what nots -- I've been working on an accounting paper that is due on Friday and after working on it for about 3 days I've finally managed to balance it out. Don't know how right my working etc are but it's balanced! So I'm finger crossing everything in between turns out right. Besides that, I've got a presentation due Friday as well.. working hard... burning the midnight oil. Ugh. Why do you do this all the frickin' time Amelia. Seriously, you think you'd learn by now.

(You can't see it in the pictures/ or in real life actually-- ugh will get to this soon) but, I've just recently started experimenting with eyeshadows and I love it! Today, I tried the Urban Decay Naked Palette that Allisan so nicely picked up for me and they are such a joy to use! highly pigmented, and a little goes a long way. The problem with Asian eyelids (and a fringe) is that, nobody gets to see the colours anyway because we have tiny ass eyelids. But whatevs. Haha I'm still gonna keep practicing and hopefully get good at it/ confident enough to pull off brighter colours. Right now, I'm sticking to neutral browns and grey/black.. the neutrals.

Make-up, make-up. Me and my bestie *shoutout: Becky!*, used to swore we were never gonna be those girls who relied on make-up when we got older. Such hypocrisy! Lol I mean like, I can totally go out sans make-up but I do prefer myself with stuff on my face. Plus! It doesn't take me long anymore. :') So happy. It used to take me minimum 30 minutes just to pack on EYELINER. And now.. 20 minutes and my whole face's ready-- including eyeshadow and lips! I still don't use any foundation/concealer because I do think they are too much work and I rather my face without all those caked on but blushers. Oh my gosh. I love blushers. But this post is getting too long and I can go on forever about make-up at the moment and I've got a bunch of excel worksheets I should be working my ass off at right now.

So, I bid all of you adieu and hope the rest of your week will be a pleasant one.


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