Saturday, November 5, 2011

But I can try..

Snood:  ASOS
Top: Zara
Shorts: TopShop
Boots: Miss Selfridges
Bag: Warehouse
PU Jacket: H&M

Helloooo, all these pictures are damned old already lor. These one was taken, 2 weeks ago. Diana and I headed out at night for a cocktail party with the gang since the party was at their neighbours. It was such a good night filled with finger food, and plenty of cocktails to go around! It was really nice. I love cocktails. Seriously. So freaking good! (well, it also depends. I like cocktails that don't have anything milky/creamy etc in them.)

Jacket: EDC by Esprit
Snood: Warehouse
Skirt: EDC by Esprit  
Boots (not pictured): Zara

Okay, I know this cake looks so gross here in this picture and to be fair, it didn't look very nice in real life as well.. but it's a fresh cream fruit cake (2 tiered) that I had made for Yuka's Birthday! and it really was quite eatable. haha!

 Yuka made us a lovely japanese meal for dinner. Major loves! I love sushi. I love potato salad. I love tori karaage (fried chicken). I must say though, the fried chicken was amazinggggggg. Like, I don't know how she did it. I mean, I can totes crown her the fried chicken chef. haha! But it was light and not oily and oh my goodness. Just so freaking good! I had like I don't know. 8 pieces??????? 

The beautiful birthday girl and I. I am so blessed to be able to meet her (and the others) here in Aberdeen eventhough they will all be leaving in 2012 (since they're all mostly finishing with their degree/masters already) so it will be sad to see them go.  I mean, I learn so much from all of these people I meet from all over the world.

 Hahahaha, totally random picture. But Allisan and I made Roti Kosong and Dhall for dinner one day and it was sooooo freaking good! Oh my gosh. No, we didn't make the roti from scratch, or the dhall for that matter but who cares haha! It was still so good! It's these simple pleasures in life that really do brighten up a day. Really.

And here's a picture of my newly (now, 1 week old) dyed hair. It is leaning towards the yellow side in this picture but I think it's because the lights in my room are orange so that doesn't help.... My hair is SO long now! I mean, seeing old pictures and now, it has grown some major length there! My plan at the moment is to just let it grow out and have my long hair again! Hehe, it's been a year without long hair and I've nearly forgotten how I look like with long hair.. I almost don't want to know how I look like with long hair again?! Is that weird??? haha

I really do like the short hair though, it's easy and comfortable. I say everyone should try short hair once in their lifes. I mean, Hair grows you know? So if you did think it was a mistake, it'll grow out eventually. So, ya'll should totes try! 

Yeah, this blog post is quite random. Jumping from here to there. I apologize. This week has been ultra hectic and I've been so tired! Came home last night at about 7pm after a lovely afternoon out (including a super yummy mexican lunch) with Yuka and took a shower and jumped into bed at 8.30pm and slept till this morning at 9.30am. Amazing or whut?! lol. But I guess I really needed that sleep. So freaking knackered! 

Tonight, we're all going out to catch the fireworks which Allisan and I missed last year because we were too busy stuffing our faces with Dosai and curry. But not this year! Wanna see what all the fuss is about. I'm not particularly big on fireworks considering we see them in Brunei so much. So we'll see. Maybe they are like super special here???? lol

Alrighty then. Have a fun-filled weekend ya'll! Appreciate the weekends when they are here because I feel like time is passing by soooooo freaking fast and by the time you realise it's 2012 already and questioning where the hell did 2011 went?! zzz


p/s totes apologize. I do believe this entry is hard to read because of my really bad sentences. Lol.

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