Sunday, January 22, 2012

Come, take a walk on the wild side.

#NowPlaying Lana Del Rey - Born to Die.

This song is so good! The first song I've ever heard off Lana Del Rey is Video Games and I love that song too. Another winner :P it's so.. chilled out.. something you can just sit and lounge about listening to.

Right now, I have just made some spiced maple-glazed pecans (yes, I know they are a christmas thing but it is yummy and I really wanted to make some!) and Allisan is grating pineapple to make pineapple jam.... guess for what????? :D CNY is on Monday and we're hosting a pre-CNY/re-union steamboat tomorrow with some friends and therefore are making some snacking goodies for our center table in our living rooms for our guests to munch on. Hehe :)

I have just finished my exams, yesterday.. to be exact and therefore am as free as a bird now! Well, not really considering we have CNY to celebrate.. hehe but good busy you know? Like I don't have anything bad to say about this kind of busy.

Have done a few changes to my hair in these couple of weeks :p Just in time for the new year yeah?





(1) My hair at the start of the year! Well, it's been this way for a while now.. I had been growing my hair out since March 2011... had a trim in August.. but just basically been growing my hair out. Straight cut. No layers... bangs.

(2) Got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago? With Allisan! hehe and then we went for a movie: Mission Impossible 4 after that. It was a lovely girly session with self-pampering, dinner (DIM SUM), movie... hehe loves it! Anyway, got some layers into my hair, and the stylist trimmed my bangs again but this time at an angle cause I am thinking about growing my fringe out again. Hehe. 

(3) This is how my hair looks like usually when I wake up in the morning and put some body into it. I don't know how to explain lah. The thing with layers is that if you don't style it properly, it can look like shit, especially after waking up in the morning so I have accustomed myself to do something to my hair every morning before I go out now :P not difficult la. 5 minutes of flicking with a hair straightener and tadah!

(4) Last night, decided to dye my hair again for CNY. Decided with a reddish colour and I LOVE IT. Pardon the weird picture, it was taken at 2 in the morning... lol. But yeah, sporting some reddish (copperish) hair and I lalalalaloveeee it :D In the sun you can almost see all the red and IT IS SO NICE LA. haha The only qualms I could probably have with it is that it makes me look really fair? And I'm really into the whole tanned/bronzed look atm but I guess that's what bronzers are for??? lol. (I LOVE BRONZERS OMG) but yeah.

Yupyupyup. Imma go and help Allisan out with the jam now! hehe excited about her pineapple tarts yo!

Lots of love and I'll be back soon!

Amelia x x x

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