Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dragon Year!


Hosted a CNY steamboat last night and it was lovely! Thanks to everyone who came for the lovely company and banter! Hehe, we ate till we all almost popped! it was excellent! hehehe

We also had a yee sang which I foolishly forgot to take a photo of! It was yum though. I always look forward to yee sangs every year because it is sososososo yummy! lucky for me, Allisan's mother sent some over from Malaysia! hehe blessed! Really.  Not forgetting having Allisan who made pineapple and egg tarts that are to die for! I love pineapple tarts. One of my favourite CNY goodies EVER.

We did really well with the food, managing to finish most of the stuff we had brought and then some cheesecake for dessert. Was soooooooo full! Did like nearly 6++++ rounds with the steamboat and finished off tons of soup. That's the brilliance of steamboat though isn't it? Being able to just stand (or sit-- if you're lucky enough to have chairs for everyone which we didn't...) and enjoy eating for hours... I mean you get breaks in between so I guess that is good. :D hehe

Last but not least, two months with this boy and I am as happy as it gets. Thank you for all the love B! :) We're going out for dinner tonight! Yay! ♥♥

Okay, everyone! Enjoy your 15 days of CNY! hehe and hope you guys get tons of angpaos and good food in your tummy!

Lots of love
Amelia x x x

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