Friday, February 3, 2012


When you meet someone
so different from yourself,
in a good way,
you don't even have to kiss
to have fireworks go off.

It's like fireworks
in your heart
all the time.

- Lisa Schroeder
[And this is how I feel whenever I'm with you. All the time. (^_^)]

Hello wello people! How has everyone's CNY been so far? Hope it's been well, as it's been lovely for me. The weekend down in London was so very nice, and filled with the yummiest food I could ever ask for and meeting up with Fauzi and Akmal is always such a pleasure! :)

 This place is absolutely wonderful for breakfast! 

 Have been craving pancakes a hell lot recently. I know you can't see it but there are two brilliantly fluffy to-die-for pancakes under those two perfectly cooked bullseye. 

 Had some taiwanese food for dinner which was soooo freaking nomz! 

 Crabmeat xiao long baos because I'm a pescetarian this year and thus am not able to enjoy the original pork ones. This one was still amazing though!

Tofu stuffed with prawns and the sauce was AMAZING. oh my gosh. Could do with some of these right nao!!!
 Lovely lovely girls. Allisan and her cousin, Jing. 

 California maki, how I miss thee.

 With the Fauzernator :) 

 I've missed my Saba and rice combo!!!!!!!! 

 Nice chestnut cake with macha ice-cream. :) 

 Had brunch the following day at one of our (Allisan and I) favourite chinese places: Pearl Liang. 
This is the seafood baked rice. And it was SO GOOD. 

Crabmeat wintermelon double boiled soup :) 
 Sesame cheung fun. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It's like plain cheung fun in some sort of sesame sauce and it is soooooo gooooood!!!! 

 With Zakky for some fro-yo :) 


Well, there are more photos in my phone but I can't be arsed to move the pictures over right now. But you get the gist. Loads of eating. Actually, just eating mostly. We cycled a bit around Hyde Park cause that's what we do :) and then did some shopping... but mostly we were just enjoying the lovely food. Hehe :)

Last night the Aberdeen Uni had a CNY dinner and Karaoke session and it was really good as well! Tons of food and great entertainment :P (the boy is quite the singer I must say. Hehe :3) I'm so anti-social but I really do enjoy these sort of events over dinner and everything. Unfortunately didn't take much pictures but here are some that I have just to keep memory.

Wow do I look horrid or whut. HAHAHAH what's going on with that face yo. T-T B looks nice though. :P Need nicer photos.

 Food food glorious food. All meat though. Two dishes were vegetarian and they were right in front of me! :D hehehe 

OKAY anyway, words some other time. Feeling terribly uninspired right nao. :(

Have a good weekend y'all!!! :)

Another 3 more days to Chap Go Meh!!!!!! HAVE MORE FOOOOOD!!!

Amelia XXX

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