Thursday, May 24, 2012

My heart's a mess.

Here's me with Saint Germain on my lips the other day. Allisan gave me this lipstick as she thought it wouldn't suit her. Too much of a barbie pink but I love it! :D I am obsessed with lipsticks, really I am. (But I'm also obsessed with blushers and brushes and eye palettes -- but this is all a different story.) I am always amazed by how much I adore make-up right now. I can spend hours reading make-up reviews as well as watching tutorials or vlogs on youtube about make-up. Seriously. All my money this year has been spent on make-up as I have sort of given up on clothes shopping. I've not bought new clothes in the longest time.. but make-up? Every freaking month!

There's something about all the colours and how they all work together. The lips, the eyes, the cheeks.. ahhhh! Love it. Puts me on a certain high when I'm surrounded with all this make-up.

It's so weird because, ask me a year ago and I did not have any idea how to apply eye-shadows or draw my eye-liner properly. I would have coughed at the idea of using bronzer.. but look at me now! Hehe I love it. It's amazing how a person can change so much in a year.

Outfit Det:

Black Shorts: TopShop Moto
Cropped grey Cardi: ESP 
(This cardi is soooo old like 6 years old probably. I totally forgot I had it and then I found it at the back of my closet. lol)

Lips: M.A.C Saint Germain

Yup. Anyway, I am done with 2 papers at the moment and another 2 to go. Management Accounting and Auditing. Both of which I am not looking forward to at all. Auditing is a pain in the bum. You'd think that we'll get to do some form of practical right but no, this exam is going to be 3 hours long and will be made up of 3 essays. That's 1 hour per essay which means they'd expect us to write shitloads! Ugh! I hate essays. Well, I hate exams so I guess it's the same thing. lol 

The weather has been seriously messing with us. Just before the exam week, it was too cold and windy and raining and less than 10 degrees and all that jazz and now that exam week has started it has been nothing but sunny and 20 degrees and so much love. UGH how much you wanna bet that when I'm done with my exams, the weather will be shit again?! CONFIRM. So unlucky. 

That said though, I am looking forward to the end of the exams like no other. Mwahahaha

lots of love
Amelia xx

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