Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in the hometown!

Well, to be fair, Brunei isn't really my hometown or motherland.  I feel like Brunei is a part of me, a big part of me, so much that I consider this country home but I can't. Not really anyway, since technically I still am a Malaysian. It's so bad that I know nothing of my motherland, the country I was given birth in, nothing else more than a place where I was birthed. Then, there is Brunei, where I've spent the last 21 years living and calling home. It's so confusing, cause when people ask me where I am from, I say Brunei but explain that I am Malaysian too, because if I started with Malaysia, I always get questions asking me about Malaysia and it is such a shame when I have no answers for these people.

Anyway, I totally digress. Yes! I am back :) thus explaining the lack of pictures in this post; the internet speed here is repulsive and it takes forever to load pictures up since my picture sizes are considerably large as well. Make mental note to decrease picture size in camera * So, I might upload one or two here and there but mostly I think I'll wait till I'm back in the UK to upload shitloads of pictures.

What have I been doing... Nothing besides eating and NOT sleeping. I am so jetlag this time back it is not even funny. I am ultimately awake at 2am to 5am and I just sit in my bed wondering why won't I just go to sleep. It is so useless really. Plus, I don't appreciate the dark so that sucks anyway.

My flight back was really good, no problems with people sitting next to me, the meals were fantastic ( I LOVE AIRPLANE MEALS. Can we please get a YAY here.), my luggages were not overweight and none of my flights were delayed. So that was a real good sign. Plus, I got to eat Chicken Rice the minute I got out of the airport so that was awesome. Hehe

Last year, my ultimate craving was wa tan ho. For 3 months, I ate at least 5 plates of wa tan ho in a week. I think this year it might just be chicken rice. I don't even know why. But my tummy is majorly craving chicken rice! lol weirdy. I've also had my fix of kolo mee, i love kolo mee with all my heart it will forever be my favourite food on the world. I need places to try out kolo mee in Brunei, so if anybody reading this has any suggestions, let me know please! I am desperate for brunei's BEST kolo mee. !!!!! lol

Sinda is arriving tomorrow so that'll make my days a little more exciting since I will have someone to bring around to eat and do things. That will be good. (^_^)

Meanwhile, excuse me while I watch True Blood and ponder about Kolo Mee somemore.

Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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