Friday, June 29, 2012

Glad You Came

Hello everyone! I want to upload all my pictures but Brunei's internet will not allow me to. *Sad  I'll upload the pictures up as soon as I get my bum back in the UK!

After an amazing 2.5 weeks, Sinda left Brunei yesterday and it was a sad moment for me and my parents in the airport, saying bye to her! It has been a real pleasure having Sinda here in Brunei with us, it felt like I had a sister for these 2.5 weeks! It was really nice and my mom had a really good time bonding with Sinda as well and she is definitely looking forward to meeting Sinda in London when my mom comes down to the UK with me in the coming months.

We've done loads over these two weeks! I had a huge worry that we wouldn't have much to offer Sinda but I'm amazed with how we did. We didn't even get to go to Temburong (because the Canopy is under renovation and my parents are convinced that there was not any point in going) and didn't even go to Tutong or Belait! haha! But we were occupied everyday! Day to night, 9am to 6-8pm sometimes later even! Well done Brunei!

We also took a 3D/2N road trip down to KK with my parents. It was SO good! We went to Manukan and spent a day at the beach snorkeling and feeding fishes and trying to get a tan :P and then we had amazing seafood for dinner at Welcome Restaurant (even if the Service/waitress was horrible). The drive to and fro was exciting as well as my parents explained everything on the way :)

Also included in Sinda's trip to Brunei was a stay in Empire where we stayed with Diana and had the BBQ Buffet at Pantai (where Becky and NK joined us). It was really enjoyable. We soaked up the sun and swam and ate like no other. SO much fun.

Sinda enjoyed Shahbandar and we even got to go to Tasik Lama where I myself had not been in ages and that was good! I always look forward to Shahbandar even though when I am on the trail I hate myself for allowing myself to start it. But, it was good nonetheless :) 

These weeks have been tiring but it has been an experience! I've not had a friend visit me from abroad before and I'm so glad that Sinda made the choice to come! It was so fun bringing her around and showing her places and introducing her to the local delicacies and food that we can offer her in Brunei. It was also fun to have someone to hang out with all the time and we had tons of fun going for facials, massages, manis and pedis. Girlie time for the win! :)

I will hopefully get some pictures up on my blog in 1.5 months! :)

In other news, I've been sick. Caught the flu, sore-throat, dry cough bug whilst I was in KK and after 3 days of medication I am getting just a little better. I do not know why my immune system is so horrible this year. Constantly getting sick. :( But fingers crossed I'll be better tomorrow or else I have to see the doctor again. So much phlegm Ugh. Hate it. Also, I have a gazillion sand fly bites all over me and it is SO bad and it will scar. So itchy :(

Okay then! Till next time.

Lots of love,
Amelia xx

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