Friday, July 19, 2013

These days

It's getting so difficult to title these posts as it is difficult to type with my nails at the moment. It is so offputting having all these typos and not being able to do anything about the accuracy of my typing. lol

Anyway, it has been a week since I've been back in Brunei and two weeks since I last saw Jun and I can safely say these are the things I miss:

1) Walking/Power walking/slow walking/ ALL forms of walking.
2) Having dinner/eating with Jun, and talking mindlessly about everything and anything under the sun.
3) Cooking.
4) Lazing around the house watching youtube videos without having to wait for it to load.
5) Wearing a jacket to go outside.
6) Not having an air-con while I sleep.
7) Not having you by my side while I sleep.
8) Dai pai dong cheung fun/ UK chinese food in general, mostly the manchurian food that Jun brings back from work everytime he comes home from work.
9) Eating out in Aberdeen in general.
10) Not having to wear SPF when I go out in the morning.
11) Customer service. GOOD customer service. (I hate how everyone seems to act like you owe them something when they are actually getting paid to do their job.  As if smiling is too difficult to do. wtf)
12) People using their indicators.
13) Clothes and shoes shopping. Shopping in general, really.
14) Cheap airfare.
15) People being able to bring their dogs everywhere. (I keep imagining I see dogs in everybody's cars. I think I might be going insane with UK withdrawal symptoms)
16) £££££ Pounds £££££ and my job.
17) The Scottish accent. Not necessarily the English accent since Jun has one anyway and I get to listen to his beeeeeyouuutiful voice everyday :):)
19) Being able to pay for EVERYTHING with a debit card. lol
20) Just Aberdeen in general, and my flat, and my room, and my makeup table, and my big ass mirror...........

To be completely honest, I think the one thing I miss most is JUN and he's not even a thing, he's a person.. but he's also where my heart is and where my heart is, is home. I feel so odd not having him around, not having someone I can rant to, I can cuddle with, I can watch movies and sing songs with, I can cook for, I can shower with kisses.. It is odd. Very odd. I don't know how to explain this feeling and I don't think I can ever explain my yearning for him or how my brain worries.. mmm.. Thank heavens for the internet though, even though it is horrid in Brunei, it still allows me to lines/skype/email with my dearest. I am also quite thankful I don't have to deal with time difference for the moment since he is in Hong Kong right now, so that gives me a good two months more to stabilize myself before he heads back to the UK and the 7 hour time difference starts.

I, myself, have not been up to much. Spending time with la familia and have been blessed to be able to catch up with Chloe. Been able to eat kolo mee pok EVERYDAY since I've come home and have been to Shahbandar ONCE. Yesterday. Although, now my leg muscles are completely dead and I am ouching everytime I have to go on the stairs. Lol. I am so weak. 3 Hills in 2 hours. zzzz

Bottom line, I want to blog and I will soon once I get the hang of typing with these nails. Also, JUN IF YOU ARE READING THIS, I MISS YOU ALWAYS. hahah and I love youuuuuu. *only youuuuuuuuu can take me chui sai keng.....

And to the rest of y'all reading this, thank you for reading! hehe and not giving up on checking my blog. I LOVE YOU TOO *hearts* *super gan dong*


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