Monday, July 22, 2013

Unemployed #22

Hahahahah. Decided to name my blog posts with how many days since I graduated. Right now, I am just chilling out and having a mini "holiday" since back in the UK,  even after my exams I was still working till a week before I graduated so I haven't had time to just seriously lay back and not to anything.

Things I wish we had in Brunei.

1) BOOTS. Seriously. Boots UK is about the best drugstore EVER. I love it and I can go into it every single day and find something I "need" every single time.

Actually, if Brunei had a proper boots store or just a RELIABLE good drugstore I can be content. Seriously. I *heart* drugstores and Guardian just doesn't cut it. I will accept SASA as well. lol

Managed to renew my driving license this morning as well which included bonding time with daddy dearest over a huge bowl of kolo mee and kolo wantons. (Two seperate bowls for both of us btw -- I WAS SO FULL.) and Chloe lovely came by last night to visit Scampy and I and that was really nice. (^_^)

Also, called up a hair salon to make reservations for hair cuts for Diana (who will be back in a week-- yay!) and I next week. So eggcited as I've been wanting to try a new style for a while now so we'll see if it works for me lol. Even if it doesn't I wanna make it work for me. JUST GOTTA WERK IT. lol

One haircut a year and I get so excited to get my hair cut lol. #haircutdeprived hahahahaha

Gonna go get my back fixed later and Shahbandar at 4pm. I am scared.


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