Saturday, August 24, 2013


About 4 weeks ago, a new member joined our family and she was a wee 2kg shihtzu and I decided to name her Pepper. Today, she's just gone up a kilo and she is the loveliest little shihtzu we could ask for! Very active and always annoys Scamp but I am sure he is secretly really glad he's got someone to play with now. (melody doesn't like playing with scamp cause she's a little grumpy old lady hehe) 

In the last picture, she looks wet cause she is covered in scamp's saliva from playing with him. For some reason, pepper likes biting and licking his face so scamp gets annoyed and responds. Usually by drooling all over her. Haha! 

It's only been a month but I am so happy to have Peps here with us. 

Lots of love 
Amelia xx

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