Saturday, September 14, 2013

State of Grace

#np: Taylor Swift - State of Grace 

Hello everyone (haha, don't actually know if anyone checks in here anymore) but I thought I'd do a little update here. 

So, fortunately, I'm no longer unemployed :D That, and I've moved to Kuala Lumpur for a job. It has been quite a hectic two weeks now..(I came over last last Monday with my mom who stayed over for a week and left last Monday) but I gotta say, I'm enjoying it! More than I thought I would actually. Obviously, it's always a pain in the ass trying to get to know your new surroundings and it doesn't help that everywhere you go, people are telling you to be careful and to hold on to your handbag properly etc. But it has still been good. 

I take the public transport to work every morning and it has been quite an experience going through rush hour bad squeezing into trains like a pack of sardines. Not my favourite way of travelling but hey! What to do. Can't drive here yet since I am totally unfamiliar with the roads and the way of driving here. But I'm coping. Thank god for people who are willing to pick me up and send me to places where public trains are inaccessible :) I am blessed with the people I meet and I am thoroughly thankful for that. 

It's a Saturday today, so no work today. Therefore explaining why I am able to blog :) I will hopefully update this space once a week over the weekend if I find the time but for the mean time, let me upload some pictures of when my mom was here :) we went to Melaka for a day trip one of those days as well!

All for now, hope everyone is well. 

Amelia xox 

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  1. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Congratulations on your new job, Amelia! :D What are you working as? Shame you're in KL, was hoping we can catch up together with the others when I'm finally back in Brunei! :( But it sounds like you are having a nice time there :) All the best! - Shim x