Monday, December 23, 2013

I always wondered what love was supposed to feel like.

"I had to taste the best and worst of both worlds to learn that love is a punch to the stomach that brings you to your knees, only to become the hand that helps you back up again.
Love is a beautiful sunset that soon leaves you in the dark, only to remind you that it will rise shortly after.
Love is nearly drowning in the ocean, only for you to remember that you’re just inches away from the surface.
Love is being in the middle of a war zone, only for you to realize that you’re the last one standing.
Love is a flat-line on a hospital bed, only for a miracle waiting to happen moments after.
Love isn’t always patient. And love certainly isn’t always kind.
But love is a lesson that I had to learn to ever realize that my heart was, indeed, still beating."

This is my kind of love. 
25 months and counting :)


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