Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I have done in 2013.

Time for the annual list I make for the end of the year!

Things I have done in 2013:
  1. Graduated from the University of Aberdeen! 
  2. Turned 22 and celebrated it with the grill and all my lovely friends!
  3. Went to Warsaw and Krakow in Poland in March.
  4. Went to Hong Kong in August and met up with the love of my life there :) 
  5. Went to Berlin, Germany for the third time in February with B. 
  6. Went to Hamburg, Germany with Diana and my Parents for my graduation trip. 
  7. Went on a road trip in the Scottish Countryside with my parents, B and Diana. 
  8. Introduced my dad to my boyfriend!!!
  9. Started a long distance relationship since July. 
  10. Celebrated our 2nd Year Anniversary. *heart* 
  11. Moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  12. Got my first proper job with ChurpChurp. Passed my 3 month probation and made it as full-time staff in December 2013! 
  13. Got Pepper the Shih Tzu in August. 
  14. Went to a proper Chinese wedding for the first time in my life and then attended another one. 
  15. Managed to keep my weight stabilised and even lost a couple of kilos. (maybe put them back on again this month. lol)
  16. Paid for my parents dinner with my own earned money!
  17. Changed my hair up twice. First time - middle parting. Second time - cut bangs and shoulder length hair. 
  18. Went car shopping! haha, and it isn't as easy or fun as it seems like. 
  19. Survived living in a room without air conditioning the the Malaysian humidity for 3 months. Then I decided to just be a little less cheap and sacrifice my hard earned money on air condition bills from now onwards. (I hate the heat with everything that I've got.) 
  20. Became a lot more confident -- I think. Able to pick up conversations with people and is more comfortable with voicing out. 
  21.  Eaten raw clams and prawns. (thanks to Allisan!!) 
  22. Gotten extremely extremely drunk and would never like to try that stage of drunkness again. 
Well, to be fair, I don't think I've done many "small" things this year but I'm definitely done bigger things in life this year, for example: Graduating from Uni, moving to Malaysia and getting my first ever proper paying job (well, proper paying is a great understatement, but you get the gist.), and, getting into a long distance relationship with the love of my life. It's all big firsts so I think it's okay that my list is a little short this year :P Means I studied mostly, to graduate. Right?

If you asked me, has 2013 been good to me? I have mixed feelings. In a way, yes, it has been good, it has been a blessed year for me but there were some hard times too and I feel that in 2014, it's going to be just as same. Not the best year or the worst year (maybe, hopefully). In my 22 years of living, 2011 is still the best year I've had. Still waiting on the year that will beat 2011 for me!

No complains though on my side. Just wish Jun was slightly nearer to where I am. Then life would be just a little more stable for me.

So, have a happy new year guys and may 2014 bring all the love and happiness into your life!


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