Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23/365

“My second grade teacher liked to ask us,
“How do you feel today, on a scale of one to ten?”

Ten always meant I’m super, thank you 
and one was always not today, Mrs. MacAuley, not today.

But I never liked numbers, they would always
twist and rebel against my mind so I chose
to speak in colors instead.

January third - I am the color
 of mint chocolate chip ice cream
 but I’ve eaten all the chocolate chips.
 I am calm.

February seventh - I am a bruise of 
blues and violets today. I think it would
 be best if I sat by the window. 
These are unhappy colors.

April eleventh - I am turquoise, I am magenta,
I am every color in the rainbow.

April thirtieth - I am gray, I am silent.

May first - I am orange, the color of melting
creamsicles on a beach in July.

June twelfth - I am as yellow as the school bus
that will bring me home to summer. I am free.

Twelve years later, I still use colors.

The winter makes me feel cobalt blue, the ocean
turns me a seafoam green. 

Violets and purples 
leave me uneasy and scarlet is a fever of fury. 

Some nights I drown in shades of navy, denim,
and cornflower but other nights I meditate in forests of 
harlequin and shamrock. 

But you,
 you leave me a blinding white followed by a soft yellow:
 the color of sunlight after a period of darkness.”

--Kelsey Danielle, “A Diary of Colors” 

And just like that we're another month older. I don't know how Jun does it but he gives me all these feels that I can't seem to explain. Good feels mostly,
Of course :)

We haven't been speaking as much this week since he's got exams going on and I miss him a lot. #overlyattachedgirlfriend haha To be completely fair, I am used to speaking to him every single day. (T_T)

Love you babe! Here's to hoping your exams go extremely well. :D can't wait to resume our daily talk schedule haha. 

#ldrproblems lol 


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