Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47/365

Harrow everyone!

Can I just say this weekend has just been perfect? Such a good weekend! :D Feeling extremely blessed.

Today, I finally got my eyes checked after experiencing blurred vision for the past don't-know-how-many months. My right side went from 175 to 220 and my left from 50 to 150. A little excessive I think considering the last time i checked my eyes were probably early 2013. So, a little over a year ago. Didn't think that would make such a big difference lah. Anyway, got my lenses fixed in an hour and voila! perfect vision now. w00h00! I can finally read off menu boards etc. Used to be super blurry and I had to sort of guess what it was.. but nope. Not any more. Also, I can now read sign boards from a distance which is super helpful since I'm driving. Hahahaha

So, I am going to blog about day 3 of my CNY trip to Switzerland today. The last time I blogged, we stopped at Luzern!  So, in the morning after a good night's rest (considering we have not been on a proper bed in more than 36 hours...) we went for a little tour about the town of Luzern.

This monument is a tribute to all the soldiers who passed away. Those are the names under the lion of the fallen soldiers.  It shows a lion who even though is shot is still protecting the shield which depicts loyalty.

You can find these cows all over Switzerland. Like, in Berlin, you'll find bears.. in Switzerland you'll find cows. Although, I didn't see many cows around.. hahahah

Mom and I posing in front of some famous bridge. 

The scenery! I mean, the whole country just looked like this basically! I can't imagine waking up to something so beautiful everyday. Probably would take it for granted tho.
I mean, look at that.

Had a bit of kaffe und kuchen with my parents :D Pflaumenkuchen i.e Plum Streusel Cake is pretty much awesome. Had quite a bit of this before while travelling around Germany last time. LOVES IT. 

I actually adore the German language. I am glad Jun speaks it so it is quite nice to be able to hear it from time to time *love*

We opted for an added on tour as well on this day. A day trip up to Mount Titlis! 10,000 Feet high and we needed to sit on three different kinds of cable cars to go up there including one that rotated 360 degrees! It was uber cool and so very cold :D

This is where we were on the peak and it was absolutely freezing! My hands were so cold (even with gloves on) that I couldn't actually touch anything for a while after coming in again. 

The weather was pretty awful that day with strong winds so we didn't get to go on the cliff walk. My mom was super gung ho about it too! haha

Some lunch to warm up our bellies. Hehe. We did feel better after lunch and even went out for a second round of coldness.
 Pork chops with the most heavenly fries. TBH all their fries were pretty much spot on. Accompanied with herbed butter.
 Here's my cute mother being super excited about being in the cold again hahaha

The scenery from up there and a thin yellow line to stop us from falling over. lol

We pretty much stayed up there for a couple of hours and also took some traditional Swiss photos which I am actually not going to share here cause they are quite hilarious. Hehe.

We then headed down, picked up a couple of people who didnt go on the add on tour and made our way down to Interlaken!

On the way to Interlaken, we stopped by the centre of Switzerland for a photo op and it was gorgeous. This picture does not do it any justice:

But doesn't it look like a wallpaper of some sort?! haha It was pretty darn amazing.

Anyway, I was super looking forward to heading down to Interlaken because I've always heard so much about it for some matter. It's called Interlaken because it's a little town in the centre of two lakes; Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and it is a quaint little town. We stayed in the highest building in the city which was cute cause while driving in, our tour guide told us we'll be able to see our hotel since it's the highest building there and lo & behold, it really was so easy to spot our hotel. haha!

At night after settling into our lovely rooms, we headed out for a fondue dinner! Started with Cheese Fondue as a starter and then Meat fondue for mains and a Chocolate fondue for dessert! The Cheese fondue was pleasant enough and the meat fondue was kinda like steamboat but with hot oil instead of soup and chocolate fondue needs no introduction :P

We also had some traditional Swiss music performances and yodelling to accompany us for dinner which was nice!

And my dear mother also got called up to stage and the whole restaurant sang her happy birthday since it was her birthday the following day! :) One of our fellow tour mates also coincidentally shared the same birthday as my mom and he was sitting right next to me too! So that was a real coincidence. Haha

After dinner we basically just walked about town before heading back to the hotel for a good night rest :) 

Hope everyone enjoyed this post. I am going to have a quick shower and head to bed ASAP! A little tired today hehe 

I'll update with Day 4 when I can soon. 

Lots of love
Amelia xox

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