Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 67/365

Tried out Miam Miam out today in 1Utama. Been hearing crazy raves about this place and Su Wan has tried it in Penang before why not right. Even Nuryul texted me from OZ asking me if I've tried it out yet! Haha 

Anyway, it was good. But a little overrated IMO. I mean, yes, the French toast was delicious and the cream cheese soufflĂ© pancakes that we ordered were simply divine. To be fair, I think I actually preferred the soufflĂ© pancakes to the French toast. Haha! We also ordered a side of "whipped cream" to go with our pancakes but I think it was unnecessary (even tho it was crazy decadent). The pancakes also came with a banana compote so that was super delish! 

The French toast came with a side of syrup and a blob of sweet cream that was almost like ice-cream except it wasn't cold. It was tasty and extremely filling! 

While I was very happy with the food, and the drinks -- Su wan had a banana peanut butter smoothie which was just lovely and I had a matcha smoothie which I enjoyed very much as well. I think it lacked a little in the service apartment. 

The food we ordered were pretty sweet and we also ordered drinks. So, I think it would've been ok to provide us with water? We asked and was given the option of buying "bottled" water at RM10! What on earth right? Why would I choose to spend an extra 10 Ringgit on a bottle of plain water? We are already paying RM14++ for our drinks each. 

Don't get me wrong, Miam Miam is not a very atas eatary. If anything, it is just a cafe with very overpriced food items. Our French toast (while delicious) costed us a good RM17 for bread, egg, cream and syrup. Oh, and a dusting of powdered sugar. Heh. 

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be going back anytime soon unless I've got a super craving for them pancakes. I might bring Jun over to try them but maybe in the Penang branch since Su Wan did mention them to be more accommodating. 

Overall I'd give it a 3/5. 

If you're dying to try it, you can find it at 
1 Utama Shopping Center 
Lot G146 (opposite Soup kitchen)

After our two hour super fulfilling brunch, Swan and I jalaned around and did a little bit of shopping! 

Shopping = my biggest weakness. 

Found a couple of things in Forever 21 much to my surprise. I usually only ever get basics from that shop so I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of dresses there I am in love with. 

Woohoo for more clothes! *yay*

It was such a good time hanging out! Had a couple of super funny moments! Haha 

I love a good day out (also ended the day with a trip to the Pasar Malam for noms and speaking to the love of my life before he heads off to work) 

#100HappyDays indeed :) 

Lots of love 
Amelia xox

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