Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bronzers of the mo'!

I've been hooked onto bronzers ever since I've seen the magic it's been able to do! I'm still really light handed when using bronzers even though I have been using it for quite a bit now. Maybe about 2 years? Still need to work up the courage to pack it on so I can actually see it though. What I love about bronzers is the lovely glow that it seems to give your face. It's my favourite part. Especially when you've got a face full of foundation or BB cream and all you really want is a little bit of colour, besides your blush. Bronzing will be your solution! :D

{Also, can I just say: I watched Maleficent last night and DAYUM GURLFRIEND, Maleficent's got her bronzing game on point!}

I'm super choosy when it comes to bronzers that I will actually buy. Firstly, no shimmer. Like, I prefer a matte bronzer all around. Shimmer can be so.. distracting to be completely honest. but then again,i guess sometimes things you don't necessarily like ends up surprising you. (LOL) Secondly, nothing too dark. For obvious reasons. I'm about a MAC NC20 - 25 and mostly wear shades Fair, light. So nothing too brown or it's going to look super muddy on me and nothing too orangey cause I don't really like that look :P

Anyway, I've been OBSESSED with these 3 bronzers over the past couple of weeks! Let me introduce:

From Left to Right:
Canmake Shading Powder (in 01 Danish Brown)
Kiko Cosmetics Essential Bronzer (in Warm Melange)
Sleek Face Contour Kit (in Light)

Let me tell you a little bit on how I came about my Kiko Cosmetics Bronzer. First off, Kiko Cosmetics a.k.a Kiko Make Up Milano, originates from Italy. While being in Italy my first time round, I noticed it a lot but fortunately (for my wallet then),  I wasn't into makeup yet. So, making it a point, I KNEW I had to walk into one of their shops this trip round! 

We need a Kiko Cosmetics in Malaysia seriously! They're makeup is of good quality and is inexpensive, very affordable and AWESOME. 

While we were in Verona, basically, they had the sign 1 EURO LIPSTICKS, so naturally, my mom and I oooh and aaahhed (my mom loves lipsticks)  and we went in and within MINUTES I TELL YA, my mom had about 4 lipsticks in her basket already. Oh, and nail polishes ("Girl, 1 euro for Nail polishes where can you find so cheap! Quick which colour nice!" - she proceeded to buy 5) and eyeshadow ("4 euros for eyeshadow sticks?! I LOVE EYESHADOW STICKS. Girl which one will fit me???" - she proceeded to buy 4) Yeah, now you know where I get my shopping habits from. HEHE 

I on the other hand was basically, tottering about just trying everything out. I didn't have anything in particular to buy and then this bronzer cause my eye.. and I was just staring at it when one of the shop assistants came up to me:

SA: Bonjourno! *Starts speaking in Italian very quickly"
Me: Sorry, no Italian, English! 
SA: Ah, English! Yes, bronzer! This colour suits you. Beautiful, let me show you.
And she whips me off to the corner and starts applying it on my face.
Let me clarify, usually I do not enjoy this cause god knows where that brush of hers has been and yeah.
After which, I looked at myself in the mirror. 

Me: Yes, I'll take one. 

SHE MADE ME GOLDEN. Like seriously, it was beautiful, I don't know how she did it but I went up to my mama and she was like, Oh wow. your face is brown, but in a nice Italian way (HAHA WTF). 

So yes, that's my story. I also bought a new brush and some eyeshadow sticks -- my mom made me really want to get one too. LOL No regrets though, quality eyeshadow sticks they were. 

Also, this whole bronzer, the pan is bigger than my fist.. I think it's gonna last me FOREVER costed only 16.90EUROS. That's barely S$30/ RM60! (Also, I'm not very good with forex so excuse me there hehe) So it was SUPER affordable. And I love it so much. It smells beautiful as well btw! Also, this is part of a limited summer collection so YAY!

 I know I said I do not like shimmer in my bronzers, but I'll make an exception here. It's not OTT and it gives a beautiful sheen that doesn't look like I'm about to deep fry some eggs on my face! 

Anyway, I am awake you can't purchase KIKO in Malaysia, but you can find them online.. I ain't too sure about shipping though, but they have their shops in several places as well as the UK (although I checked and they were selling it the except same price except in £££ so more expensive leh!) and America!

Beautiful swirls! Don't they look like galaxies? *dreams away....*
Onwards to my second bronzer that I have been obsessed with lately: Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light! Now, Sleek Makeup is another affordable makeup brand who is very well knows for their trio of blushes, and, super affordable eye palettes! Hola at me if you've got one (or two, or three, I don't judge) of their eyeshadow palettes! Usually about 12 colours for only £7.99. RIDICULOUS. Too cheap. and so pretty too. Love their packaging, very reminiscent of Nars (which unfortunately is super pricey).

I ordered mine online from Luxola (best website hands down) and this kit costed me RM45.50 but I purchased it when Luxola had one of em crazy sales days and took 20% off that price! (I can't do math but I assume I paid less than RM40 for this) and I think it's very reasonable because not only do I get a nice amount of bronzer, but it comes with a highlighter as well! (Which is beautiful too, not OTT and just lovely to put under my eye area)

The bronzer comes in 3 shades, Light, Medium and Dark and I chose Light for obvious reasons and it's perfect and matte. I LOVE IT. 

Last but not least, is my Canmake Shading Powder. I bought this at our local Sasa, unfortunately I don't really remember how much I paid for it since I bought it a while back. Canmake is a Japanese drugstore cosmetic brand and while it's super cheap in Japan itself, I find that the prices here and in Singapore (generally), are about double the price! It's quite alarming T_T

Out of all my bronzers, this is the lightest and the only one that comes with a brush. That said though, I don't use the rbush at all, much prefer using my own fluffy brush for a more natural look!

In regards to it being the lightest bronzer out of the three that I have been reaching for on a daily basis, this is the most naturalest (is this even a word wtf).. so definitely something I would use just to not make my face look so flat! I like it enough and it's so cute! looks like a chocolate bar doesn't it! HEHE Also, the size is super compact so it's nice for touch ups -- just a though, I don't actually bring a makeup bag out when I'm oot and aboot. Hehe

I know this post is a little lengthy, but I felt a bit more gung ho! HEHE  Hopefully I will do more of these kind of posts if ya'll like it! Let me know :)

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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