Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 143/365 - Update after a while. Hehe

Okay, my tomorrow turned into 2 weeks later.... haha!  whoopsie...

Had a super impromptu/ spontaneous trip over to London with my madre for the last 10 days!  Turns out my dad had enough points on his card to exchange 2 business class return tickets for London that were gonna expire at the end of this month, so of course we HAD to go! :D

Also, I've never actually sat in Business class properly SO was super stoked about that! Plus, its the whole 180 degrees reclining seat so we had a full extra good sleeping experience. AND DENG IM JUST SO THANKFUL FOR THE EXPERIENCE. Don't know when I'll ever get to sit Business class again lol *jakun* But, the food was all yummy and man. SO MUCH PEPPERMINT TEA ON an airplane, I've never (i love peppermint tea). But it was a good experience, never been so refreshed after a 12 hour flight. Hahah OH AND they gave us pillows and a super fluffy duvet?! Like, Diana told me about that but I never expected them to really give us a duvet. So I was super sakai HAHA probably embarassed my mom. lolol

Since it was coinciding with Mother's day as well, I decided to plan a wee trip down to Italy for Momma since she's always wanted to go! Lucky for me, I managed to source out cheap ass ticket to Verona and so I planned a trip out for her :D I've been to Italy once with my super travel buddy Allisan in 2011, having spent 2.5 weeks in Milan, Verona, Pisa, Venice, Sienna, Bologna, Florence and Rome. So I assumed, it'll be nice to revisit some places. My mom's dream place has always been Venice. So, of course that had to be on the list! So our Italian adventures consisted of Verona, two nights in Venice and Bologna, since there were cheap flight out from Bologna to London!

I am so so 100 x thankful we had this trip, while it was quite challenging: Business class allows up up to 40kgs each for the luggage, we therefore had a lot of "space" so being women/girls, we HAD to fill up all the space.  Which meant loads of pulling and tugging and heavy lifting... HAHA. Loads of shopping and eating this trip, two of my ABSOLUTE favourite things as well as being able to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while: Amilyn & Diana. So I was really really really REALLY happy to be able to have this trip. Also, haven't spent some alone alone time with my mumma in a while too, so UGH. SO HAPPY.

Anyway, I still have Jun's Easter Trip to cover and then I have to cover this spontaneous trip as well! So, expect loads of pictures coming your way soon! hehe

Apart from that, nothing much else has been happening LOL. Met up with Becky today, for tea and chatting so that was nice. ALSO, trimmed Scamp's fur. Took me a whole hour to cut off most of his body fur so now he doesn't resemble a sheep or a carpet anymore. He looks a whole lot younger and fresher! Mad happy, wish I had done it soon.

This weekend is gonna be ace. Spending it with my one and only Kalowee (Chloe lol) and I can't wait HEHE.

Also, my 5 week break here in Brunei (and turns out to the UK/Italy) as well, is nearly over. Will be heading back to KL on Monday so I am not quite looking forward to that. SO SAD TO LEAVE MY FURBABIES SOB. But Rosy's jioed me out for Maleficent on Wednesday (okay, I lied. I #thickfaced invited myself BUT SHE SAID YES) so I am looking forward to that, plus I haven't seen her (and the rest of them lovely KL peeps) in a whole month + so I have missed their faces quite a bit :)

Will update when I can! 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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