Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 126/365

I've procrastinated way too long already. To be completely fair, I've been internet-less over the entire weekend due to a broken modem at home. *sob. Been relying on Brunei's mobile 3G and safe to say, it's not very reliable.. or cheap for that matter. Used up about B$50 from just loading IG/Twitter/FB and Line/WA over the weekend. Deng

Anyway, went on a super extreme emotional rollercoaster ride over the weekend, so maybe it wouldn't have been too good if I blogged. However, fingers crossed, I think everything is fine at the moment but we'll see how things turn out.

Right now, I'm loving Ed Sheeran's One. Please give it a listen, when you can! It's so good and the lyrics. *love*

Oh man, suddenly my mind went blank. I think it's cause of all the Nasi Lemak I had for dinner which was so obscenely good and then I had to have some roti jala to wash that nasi lemak down and now I'm suffering from heart burn. But that Nasi Lemak tho.

Ooh, can I rant? I ordered a  bunch of items from Luxola (only the best online shopping site EVER) one and a half week ago and it's been in Brunei since the 2nd of May and I've still yet to get my items! SO ANNOYED :( And I know it's not Luxola's fault cause they're always super prompt. The problem lies with the mail department in Brunei. SO SLOW! The worse is that they don't actually deliver the package to you, you'll have to bring in a slip to the post office and then collect it by yourself. SO MAFAN LO. Walao. Like people have all the time in the world. HAIH

LOTS TO DO. I will update tomorrow hehe

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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