Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fun times with Kiehl's in the Sun!

Hey guys! Been real busy with life at the moment, having started a new job earlier this week and just really getting back into the grind and 5.30 mornings! 

Anyway, remember my little post on Kiehl's a little while back?  Well, I won invites to their awesome event and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to! 

The event was held two Sundays back at the Secret Garden on top of 1Utama! I've never been there so it was quite the adventure for me. Since the event was appropriately titled "Fun In The Sun with Kiehl's" of course we had a lovely sun-filled day on top of the 1Utama rooftop. 

We were first greeted with Mr Bones, whom you can find right outside the Kiehl's store in 1Utama, and we were given sharpies to sign our name on him! If you happen to go by the store next time, try and see if you can spot my name! :D hehe

We were greeted with a lovely buffet spread as well as Kiehleans (I don't quite know what to call the representatives from Kiehl's! hehe) who were there to give us some advice on our skin and performed an oil test! Interestingly enough, I was touted as normal skin with just a teeny bit of oiliness on my T-zone area! Which is interesting, considering I've always imagined myself to be an oily combination gal! 

Note to everyone: You can also head to any of your friendly Kiehl's store to get your oil check on! Just simply inquire! :D 

How pretty is this set-up? I wanna get married in a garden some day so I can have a spread like this too. Actually, maybe.. if it wasn't 36 degrees out there. Haha!

We were served super cool blue solution for drinks! hahahah

We were also a little 101 on their newly formulated Ultra Facial Oil-Free products which included their face wash, toner and moisturizer (gel cream) and I think it's really cool that they've used desert plants A.K.A cacti (I think they're the same thing?) since you know, we need all the secrets they know for keeping in tip-top conditions in them crazy desert weather.. and I love that there is no oil in their formula (as well as scent, but I'll get onto that in a sec.) 

Since one of their key ingredients is desert plants, we had a lovely cactus terrarium session where we got to make our own! 

Yep, that's me. The super scary-determined-looking person! HAHA wtf was I even doing.
And here is the end product of our hard work: 

With Lenna, a new friend I made that day!
Was super happy with my terrarium and so glad I got to make one! Can you see the little crane sitting in my bowl? I named him Jimmy! Hehe. Also, we were told to feed them about 2 teaspoons of water every 10 days to 2 weeks. Cacti are really low maintenance so it's really good for people without green fingers like me! 

We were then given time to hang about and chit-chat to people around us which was great! It's nice to come to these sort of events cause you meet people with the same interest as you, which, in my case is make-up/skincare/beauty.. so it was definitely nice. There was also a nice backdrop where we could take pictures at.

All of us butterflies that lovely sunny day! :D
All in all, it was such a great event with a whole load of knowledge on how, just because you have oily skin, it doesn't mean you should have to strip it off all it's oil cause that'll only make matters worse! 

I would like to thank Kiehl's Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Team for putting together such an awesome event! It was my first event and I'm already looking forward to many more in the future! *big love* 

This picture was captured by the loveliest ShopGirl!
We were also given a complete set of their Ultra Facial Oil-Free skincare to try! I was really stoked to receive them products because I am really always on the hunt for something better for my skin! 

Here are the products:

1) The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser which retails for RM 85/150ml
2) The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner which retails for RM85/200ml
3)The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream for RM100/50ml

They are also all available from your friendly local Kiehl's stores!

So far, I have been using these products for a week or so and I must say, I really really like the range!

I really enjoy their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser because it foams up really nicely as well as leaves you with a nice squeaky finish. Usually, you'll relate a squeaky finish with a dry tight feeling right? Well, I'm pleased to let you know that this doesn't give you that "tight" feeling at all! Everytime I wash my face, I just feel SUPER clean and refreshed, which I suppose is what you should be feeling! :D

The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner, while comes in a blue bottle, comes out as a transparent liquid which you put onto a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face, this just reduces all the excess oil on your skin's surface and also  leaves a really fresh feeling. While unscented, I can smell something, just not sure what it is.. but it's definitely very unoffensive so I am also liking this product a whole lot! I really like toners because I feel like they always give that extra uumph to your skincare routine! 

Now, this. The Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream is what I've REALLY been enjoying! Formulate for normal to oily skin types (which is exactly what I have), it comes in a LOVELY (and I mean, really really nice) texture that is immediately soaked up by your skin! It's definitely unscented and you can just tell your face is soaking up all that moisturizing goodness! It's also extremely light, so no worries about wearing it under your make-up daily. 

Here's how the gel looks like inside, doesn't it just look super soft and dreamy.. like something you wanna rub into your skin to provide it with all the goodness of it? I feel like this is definitely something I would like to incorporate more into my daily skincare routine, and something that I will definitely repurchase once it runs out! 

Also, if you didn't know, Kiehl's is about handing out samples so that you can try. Head down to your nearest Kiehl's store and ask for a sample and they'll gladly give you some so you can get a first-hand experience of the product! 

Thank you for reading this extremely long post! I hope you've enjoyed it! 

Once again, thank you The Butterfly Project and Kiehl's Malaysia for such an amazing opportunity. This event has really opened up my eyes to Kiehl's products and I am looking forward to buying and trying more of their products in the future! :D

Lots of love,
Amelia xo


  1. It's really an amazing experience <3. Love your blog post.
    Miss Ika's Blog

  2. teehee i wan a garden setup for my wwdding too!

  3. @Miss Ika, thank you! It was a really good one, definitely. <3

    @Cindy Tong, I know right, it's so pretty! But have to do in like Genting or Cameron like that haha, so hot down here :P

  4. You named your cactus Jimmy?! That's so cute. I'm truly grateful that you included some care notes with this post because once I got home I was completely confused about the watering instructions and have been giving my baby-tree a couple of teaspoons of H2O daily lol
    I am so not a green thumb! Looks like my brushes may have a new home sooner than I thought ;)

    Anyway, lovely to meet you there, Amelia. You rock and are sweet to boot. Not to mention we share a passion for cake but really, you must have hollow legs because that cake sure doesn't show on you, girl!

    As for your post recap, it's super and I'm glad you had a blast at the function and learned lots about Kiehl's.

    P.S. Thanks for the photo credit too