Thursday, June 12, 2014

Raising the Steaks with Tony Roma's

Recently, I was invited to try out Tony Roma's for their on-going promotion, very appropriately named "Raising the Steaks" (Geddit? Geddit?) just in time for the FIFA World Cup 2014, who's first game is going to be kicked off in just a few hours! Exciting times man, exciting.

But, not as exciting as having FOUR new tantalizing steaks to try out at Tony Roma's

Here's what they have to offer:
  • Filet Medallions with Mushroom Sauce - Flame grilled filet medallions topped with a rich mushroom sauce. Served with a choice of two sides.

    Since we were given the choice to order any steak we wanted, I opted for this one since I really like the sound of Mushroom Sauce and it was really nice! I also initially thought the portion was a little small since there were 3 medallions, but boy, was I wrong! By my third piece, I was pretty much filled up! Doesn't help that there is also the sides to choose: French Fries, Mash Potatoes, Coleslaw, Corn, Broccoli... we were given Mash Potatoes and broccoli which were nice. Definitely enjoyed the mash potatoes, since they were chunky and had a nice bite to them! Broccoli could do with a little seasoning, they were a little bland.

    I would say, it was definitely nice to see actual mushrooms in the sauce, so I enjoyed that a lot! The sauce was a little sweet, but alright in general, so I can say I enjoyed this dish! :)

  • Ribeye Steak with Roasted Onion Sauce - A flame grilled ribeye steak topped with homemade roasted onion sauce with a hint of lemon pepper. Served with a choice of two sides.

    This was my least favourite out of the whole menu, the roasted onion sauce lacked flavour and I couldn't really taste the hint of lemon pepper. However, that said though, if you're not a fan of gravy, you might enjoy this steak simply because of the different consistency of the sauce. It's definitely something a lot different from what I've tried before. 

  •  New York Strip with Peppered Beef Bacon and Asparagus Relish - A flame grilled New York Strip topped with peppered beef bacon and asparagus relish and glazed with white balsamic glaze. Served with mashed potatoes.

    Now, this is definitely a steak that's a whole lot different. I really really enjoyed the bursty little onion things as well as the asparagus relish. My only gripe was that the white (actually brown) balsamic glaze was a little toooo tangy. Also, I felt like this steak was a little dry, but we requested for more of the white balsamic glaze, they did provide us with a little bowl. So that was nice.

    Another different thing with this steak was that you only get to have it with Mash potatoes. Probably because it would go best with the balsamic glaze!

    And the fourth and last steak available in this promotion is
  • New York Strip with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce - Flame grilled New York Strip steak topped with a creamy roasted red pepper sauce. Served with a choice of two sides.

    Oh wow, this is another winner in my books. I am a huge fan of red pepper, learned to love it whilst I was in the UK and it was cheap and versatile and packed full of flavour. This sauce was no different! Could really taste the abundance of red peppers in the sauce! If you like red peppers, then hands down, you will definitely enjoy this steak!

    In addition to these four steaks, Tony Roma's are also offering these Virgin Romaritas.

    I ordered a Romarita, but I think they might have taken a wrong order and gave me a Mango Romarita, which I wasn't complaining about since I really do enjoy mangoes. So, I enjoyed my drink! :D

    A picture of my and my Romarita, as you can tell, it is quite a large drink so definitely a thumbs up for that!
    Hope my pictures were good enough to make you feel sorta hungry! Hehe, still quite new at this photographing thing so hopefully it was alright!

    Anyway, if you're interested, please head over to Tony Roma's to try out any of these juicy steaks, they'll be having this promotion from NOW till the 13th of JULY 2014, so you still have a whole month to check out these steaks!

    I went to the branch in e@Curve, but they have several other branches around including a new branch in Nu Sentral! Find out more information here.

    Thank you Tony Roma's for a delightful and extremely filling meal! It was definitely a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a whole lot :)

    and to my readers,  thank you for taking time to read this review!

    Lots of love,
    Amelia xo


  1. can I use some of the pics? :D

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  2. Indeed, these steaks and THAT mash will stop traffic.
    I love this new menu and I love TR's bread and generous portions! Yum, yum, yum!

  3. @Nurul Jannah, Hi! Yes of course you're welcome to use some of my pictures :)

    @ShopGirl, definitely generous portions, some of their steaks can easily feed two! And still be a little much :D hehe