Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zoeva Classic Face Set + GIVEAWAY!

Hello everyone!

I am mad about brushes, I might not have the biggest collection of them but I really do adore brushes. They can be a little pricey, depending on where you'd like to buy them from. IMO, I think M.A.C does lovely brushes but at exorbitant (I hope this is the right word) prices,  then I found Sigma who btw, makes the BEST FOUNDATION BRUSH OF ALL TIME (but another post on that for another time), and while there's other brushes in my collection: Real Techniques, Kiko, Inglot, E.L.F... I have recently found a favourite which is both affordable and of good quality!

JENG JENG JENG.. introducing ZOEVA brushes. I did a little bit of digging around and found that they are of German descent (LOL wtf, I mean they're a company originating in Germany) and while they're brushes are comparable to Sigma's, they're about a quarter off Sigma prices!

Found them on Luxola (eh, fav site in Malaysia ok.) and at first, I ordered a few eye brushes.. you can never have too many blending eye brushes ya know. Hehe, and then I moved on to face brushes and you know what I love the brand! It's made very well, even after cleaning my brushes, I experienced very little shedding. So far, *touch wood* I've not had any problems with any of their brushes I have ordered. What can I say, this brand is a real winner!

In the month of May, as part of my monthly beauty purchases and also because I was rather bored in Brunei and they were having their 30% off ridiculous-but-good sales that they always have from time to time... I finally ordered something from Zoeva that I have been coveting for a while!

It's always out of stock for some fabulous reason, so I had myself on the waitlist and BOOM, I was lucky enough to be able to grab it this time round!

Doesn't this just look absolutely beautiful?
So yes, of course I bought it.. and for 30% off too, I calculated and the end total was only RM144.55! For 6 brushes that you can use for all sorts of purposes, MAN ISN'T THAT AN ABSOLUTE STEAL?!!!! I mean, that's the exact price you'll be looking at paying for ONE (1) M.A.C eye brush!

Anyway, they came 10 days later and man, they're just beautiful. They also come in an amazing bag that looks like this:

Yeah, super sleek and heavy duty. HEHE.

Here's how the brushes look in real life:

Yes, I realise the red desk background is distracting. SORREH. I have no other background to shoot on LOL.

As you can see above, these are the brushes that you will get in the set:
  • 102 Silk Finish
  • 105 Luxe Highlight
  • 106 Powder
  • 122 Petit Stippling
  • 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
  • 142 Concealer Buffer
Can I just say, I have tried out all the brushes and they are just so soft against my skin, not scratchy at all and I LOVE IT. The only thing I wouldn't quite need would be the 122 Petit Stippling, but I've got a medium stippling brush so I guess I could do with a small one too. LOL *hoarder* So if you're a beginner looking for brushes to start off your "collection", I think this set would be absolutely perfect. Got your foundation, blusher, powder, bronzer/highlighter, concealer all sorted! You can even use the 142 Concealer Buffer as a blending brush for your eyes so talk about multitasking *love*

Anyway, I'm going to hold my FIRST GIVEAWAY for the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush, it retails for RM50.50 on Luxola and I'll be giving it away only because I already have one before I bought this set, and I don't really need two.

The bristles are soft and dense, which makes it absolutely perfect for liquid foundations, buffing out your bronzer/blush/concealer.. it's pretty much a multipurpose brush so woohoo!

If you would like to own your OWN Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush, just let me know in the comment section (you can say anything you want lol, or tell me why you'd like to try it etc.) and I will choose a random winner. Don't forget to leave your blog so I can contact you! This giveaway will run till the 30th of June 2014, Monday! Oh, and it's only open to residents of Malaysia (for easy postage/handover of the brush hahaha) :)

Good luck :D and thanks for reading my post.

Lots of love,

P/S I AM ALSO ATTENDING TAYLOR SWIFT'S RED TOUR KL TODAY! Anyone as excited as I am?? I am bursting with excitement, I already feel them tears coming thinking about it #dramaqueen #crybaby But I've loved her since Teardrops on my guitar and DAMN She's come a long way since then. *proud Swiftie*

P/P/S I have made my pictures larger this time round, let me know if it's any better for you? :) Received some comments saying that my previous pictures were too small. HEHE thank you.


  1. hahaah jus the rigjt post... damn it yday luxola hv 30% off n bcos im watching blended n. i miss it! im actually waiting for the sale to bjy brushes zoeva n sigma... n kogja sponge or something like that i forget the name... i hv not try zoeva brushes yet but i looveeeee tl try them so badly! dammit arghhhh my brush collection is getting more n i still cant get enough of them... i jus rearrange them into bigger container to store them standing for. easy picking...hahah sorry for. my long comment but yea i wanna to win this brush! can u let me have it to add into my collection? i think u hv many collection eh? lipstick too right?

  2. Looks like such a nice set! I have 2 makeup brushes that are so old and cheap, this set would be wonderful to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. You are truly a girl after my own heart! Brush-fan here!!! I'm such a Brushie that I regularly buy doubles - one to use and another to save. Insane or what?!

    I have quite a few Sigmas as they were like my first serious acquisitions and have moved into Zoeva and of course, my darling Hakuhodos and now aiming for the Chikuhodos. Oh, and I also have a couple of the Wayne Goss babies. Postage cost me near enough to buy a set of Zoevas, I think.

    Very upset that I did not manage to get any Zoevas during the Luxola 30% off sale. Wasn't quick enough and poof! All sold out :(

    I adore the Zoeva 110 because it is so darn cute but I don't have the Silk Finish and since you're giving one away...well, I'm in! I would love to win it to feel absolute and utterly complete in my bushy brushy life.

  4. CocktailsandCandy9:32 PM

    I love a good foundation brush, and I much prefer this style over the flat brush style because of the better finish (less streaky and blurs out the imperfections better, and I find works great with liquid, cream and powder foundations!) so I'd be so keen to try this out!

  5. Hi, I saw your link from Aster's page and I would like to win the brushes. Thank you :)

  6. My makeup collection definitely needs an awesome brush like this! I've always wanted to invest in more brushes but too kiam (you know me) Pick me pick me and save my face from misery :D <3

  7. GAHHHHH brushesssss. Been thinking of getting RT sam's picks brushes but hey never heard of ZOEVA before and it's kinda cool yeah? Me want that brush, please! :D

    P/S: Great blog! I met you at the Tony Roma's review.

  8. I'll definitely look out for this during the next Luxola sale! Am already using the Sigma foundation brush that you introduced it to me :p

    More beauty posts please! You ma beauty guru! #loyalfan

  9. BunniiBaby9:47 AM

    wow wow!! that brush looks so flufffyyyyy i could dieee! 0.0 every girl needs a good brush so i think i should get that brush because i looooooove make-ups so much!!