Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday Brunch - Breadfruits Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

What is the weekend without a hearty brunch filled with good food and good company? Brunches are my absolute favourite meal of the week. How can it not? It's Breakfast + Lunch which means you can over-order and over-eat and ain't nobody's gonna judge cause you've not eaten either meals! HEHE 

One thing that I love about KL, is the vast variety of new cafes to try every weekend! I mean, there's always something new to try (well, everything's nearly new to me anyway. I say nearly cause I've lived here for 6 months, coming 7 so really, I'm getting better... haha)

Last Sunday, Swan and I decided to check out BreadFruits! Since I was in the 1Utama Area and she was coming from Bukit Jalil, she thought it would be great to sort of meet in the middle.. which we did! 

First thing to note was there was a waiting list. BreadFruits is not a very big cafe, actually, to be completely honest, it is a little tiny. Thankfully Swan reached before I did and so she popped her name down first (SOO.. haha!) and we still had to wait for about 20 minutes (could be more, could be less) outside.

We also sat outside, which we didn't mind cause there were ceiling (?!) fans above us, which meant it wasn't a sweat-fest. Hehe The inside of the cafe looked a little crowded, IMO and I also overheard one of the waiters telling some girls that if they wanted to sit inside, they'll have to share tables, which I guess for some would be okay, but personally, I like a little more privacy IE having our own table.

Menu wise, I would say there is a lot of choices. Brunch, Salads, Sandwiches, Pasta.. it took me a while to sort of decide what I wanted to eat as well! :) 

Here's how our table looked like once all the food was served.

Here's Swan with her Gourmet Antipasto Breakfast Platter, which I thought was a real deal. She paid about RM26++ if I am not mistaken, and it comes with a small juice of the day as well as coffee or tea!

Her platter came with some delicious looking salad, 7 minute eggs, bread, two types of cheeses, chorizo, salami and ham! Man, I think I might order this too if I ever go again. Except maybe I'll ask if I can get some fried or scrambled eggs instead cause I can't do gooey eggs like this. 

I was feeling extra carby yesterday so I opted for pasta (I LOVE PASTA- WHOS WITH ME WOOHOO). Pan fried Salmon linguine pasta with rocket, capers and onions (RM19++). I also had a detox juice as well (RM10). They have an extensive list of juices, so juice lovers won't be disappointed!

I enjoyed my pasta very much. I liked that there were a lot of greens in it, as well as a truckful of capers! The salmon was cooked lovely as well, well seasoned and with a crispy exterior. If I had to pick on anything, it was just a little tooooo oily for my liking, but still a good pasta dish nevertheless.

It was a delighful meal and I wouldn't mind going back sometime again to maybe try their French Toasts, or one of their sandwiches (I am seriously looking for a good sandwich here in KL, the ones I've tried has failed me so badly. I miss a good british sandwich!)

If you're looking to try somewhere new this weekend, here's a suggestion:

17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Lots of love,
Amelia x


  1. I love the layout of your the antipasto platter! It's like a bushman's tuckerbox and for it to come with juice and coffee - oh, steal and a half in today's money.

    As for pasta, you sure don't look like a pasta girl. How do love it and stay that thin, my friend!!

  2. ShopGirl!

    I am crazy about pasta! Sure adds on some layer to my lovely tummy, but I can't help it! Really really REALLY love my carbs, can't ever say no to them.

    Do you by chance know any good places for pasta?

    My friend really enjoyed her antipasto platter! If you ever go, give it a try and let me know :D

  3. I have to say that I haven't had great Italian/ western pasta in this country yet but I did enjoy the Spaghetti Bolognaise at the Smokehouse Inn in the Cameron Highlands recently.
    I think Malaysia is more of a pan mee place. Sadly, all my fondest memories of pasta were in Australia and not here.