Saturday, August 2, 2014

#ShellTokidoki x Hello Kitty

I've only been working in my office for the past 1.5 months and already people know that I absolutely love Hello Kitty. I mean, what's there NOT to love? She's adorable, she's super cute and she manages to looks great in any outift/getup!

I'm sure y'all have been noticing big banners around town at all them Shell Petrol Stations but recently, Hello Kitty has done a wee collaboration with Tokidoki and have come up with 10 SUPER CUTE Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines! Thank you Shell Select for bringing in these super adorable babies! 

Which is your favourite? I think Mini Cactus Kitty is the most adorable hehe

Anyway, just before I left for my trip to Hong Kong, I was sent a couple of these super cute Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines as well as an awesome Limited Edition Collector's Kit! These Hello Kitties come in blind boxes and the main objective of these blind boxes is to stir up that sense of excitement and anticipation cause you won't find one which Hello Kitty you're getting until you actually open it! :D 

I was lucky enough to be sent two as follow: 

Rocket Kitty

Cactus Kitty
Hello Kitty Power!!
 I was also given another blind box courtesy of a cousin, and I was super pleased to get:
Cupid Kitty!! HOW CUTE IS THIS hehe Can also be used as a keychain leh.

So altogether, I now have 3 out of the 10 available kitties! Which makes me a very happy Hello Kitty fan. In case you were wondering how you can purchase these awesome Hello Kitties, it is really simple: 

These Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Blind Boxes are available exclusively at Shell Select convenience store nationwide (EVERYWHERE basically) until the 31st of August 2014.
Each blind box is priced at only RM9 each, and can be purchased with:
• A minimum purchase of RM6 worth of Shell Select Products 
(excludes Tobacco, Alcohol, E-pay, Touch n Go & Lubricants)
at any Shell Select convenience store.
• Any purchase of Shell Select monthly promotion items

If you were wondering, "How am I going to store all these Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines?". Well, Shell Select's also thought about that for you! 

You can also get an exclusive Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Collector's Kit at RM25 with 50 BonusLink points!

Here's what the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Collector's Kit looks like: 

Here's my little small collection hehe:

And here are some pictures of me posing with my super cute Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Figurines. Please ignore the tired eyes, was after a long day at work hehe

Also, just so you know,  there is an INSTAGRAM Contest going on right now where the GRAND PRIZE winner gets a chance to win a FULL SET of these Shell Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines! What a prize right? 

All you have to do is: 

1) Post a picture of your Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurine in a CREATIVE LOCATION and post it on INSTAGRAM.
2) Hashtag #ShellTokidoki in your caption..
and Voila! You'll be in the running to win the awesome prize. What's even better is that 3 weekly winners are chosen so that just UPS your chances at winning! :D and a Grand Prize Winner will be chosen at the end of the contest which is on the 31st of August 2014! 

The 3 weekly winners will win awesome Shell Select Premiums and the Grand Prize Winner (as I have mentioned) will win the full set of Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Figurines! :D 

I think that's pretty darn good, I'm going to also participate in this hehe. Just gotta find a super creative way to take photos of my figurine. HEHE 

Good luck to everyone who's wanting to participate, you've still got a whole month to do so! And I think it's a pretty darn good way to score a whole set of Hello Kitties :D hehe 

Hope you've enjoyed this post and have had a great Saturday and a better Sunday ahead. 

Lots of love,
Amelia x

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  1. Wooooow.. So cute! Nick Yap call me to go to this launch but I already at kampung... I love Hello Kitty... So cuteee weh